She Slaps It Over Her Pieces And After Fucks Her In The Ass Xxl

She Slaps It Over Her Pieces And After Fucks Her In The Ass Xxl

Lauren Dickson packed her things into her sports bag before checking that she had everything and turning her attention to her handbag. She smiled as she found her mobile phone and car keys which were lying under her collection of cards, makeup, tissues and other items. She closed the zip on the bag and placed it over her right shoulder. Lauren picked up her sports bag in her right hand and walked out of the staff changing room, turning and locking the door with her key. The young PE Mistress with the long blonde hair replaced her bunch of keys in the pocket of her tracksuit bottoms and walked along the corridor until she came to the girls’ changing room.The young teacher had always been unsure about what to do whilst her girls were showering and getting changed and followed the lead of her boss, Mrs. Halliday or her friend, Rachel Whitley, who never entered the changing rooms after lessons, practices or matches, simply waiting outside until the girls had all dressed and left the building. Lauren Dickson placed her sports bag on the floor and stood with her back to the wall watching as the members of the senior girls' athletics team emerged from the changing rooms individually or in small groups. After about five minutes, Lauren was growing inpatient. She had plans that Thursday evening and really needed to get moving.She stood up and placed her hands on her hips. Maybe she should go in and check who was left in the changing room? At that moment, the star of her team, Kayleigh Steadman, the tall black-haired Sixth Form girl who represented the County as well as England at youth level in the eight and fifteen hundred metres, emerged from the changing room and on noticing Lauren standing there, smiled.“Sorry, Miss.” She looked apologetically at her teacher, who couldn’t hide her growing frustration at having to wait for the girls to get dressed and leave the changing rooms.“Is that everyone, Kayleigh?” Lauren resisted the urge to put her head around the door and take a look.The young PE Mistress could hear that the showers were still running.“I think so, Miss.” The tall, dark-haired girl brushed her long hair behind her ears and made her way to the door.“Who was the last one out of the showers – the least you lot can do for me is to make sure that they’re turned off.” Mrs. Dickson shook her head at the girl.“Sorry, Miss. Do you want me to go and turn them off for you?” The Sixth Former turned from the door and took a few steps back towards her teacher.Lauren Dickson shook her head. She liked Kayleigh. A very sporty girl who excelled at everything she turned her hands to, both in terms of her academic studies or sports. The young teacher had felt that it had been unfair that she had missed out on being Head Girl for the coming school year. She certainly did a lot for the school and in Lauren’s view, deserved the position.“No, it’s okay, Kayleigh, I’ll do it,” she smiled as she watched the girl turn once more and head out of the door.The changing rooms were not empty. In the showers, Sixth Formers, Holly Mallan and Daisy Goodman were taking their time, glad that the other members of the team had left them alone in the hot showers. The two girls took the opportunity to soap one another, smiling as they paid particular attention to the other’s breasts, covering them carefully in shower gel and gently kissing one another on the lips. Daisy, the seventeen-year-old long jumper, leaned in close and kissed Holly softly on her lips, all the time touching and gently squeezing her girlfriend’s large breasts, smiling as the hot water washed the soap from them.Holly Mallan, the school’s high jump champion, responded by touching her shorter girlfriend’s breasts and slowly, and gently, pushing her tongue inside the girl’s warm mouth. Daisy Goodman didn’t stop her, and they continued to touch one another all over, becoming increasingly aroused as their hands and tongues explored one another. Holly reached down and softly stroked the small and neatly trimmed clump of dark pubic hair that topped Daisy’s pussy. She breathed heavily before placing the first two fingers of her right hand inside the girl’s pussy and began to work them backwards and forwards.Daisy Goodman was so turned on. She was incredibly wet and began to moan softly as Holly Mallan worked her fingers backwards and forwards, slowly, then faster, touching her clit and holding her fingers there as her girlfriend’s breathing became heavier and heavier. As her moans became louder, Holly kissed her girlfriend hard on the mouth and held herself there to muffle the screams of the girl with the short black hair. There was no way that she wanted to get caught. Holly Mallan knew what the result of that would be and she did not fancy being caned by the Head Mistress.After a few moments, Daisy came to orgasm and squeezed Holly tightly in her arms, struggling not to scream but she managed it. A moment later, she began to return the favour and smiled at the girl with the shoulder-length brown hair as she could see her enjoying the sensation of having her girlfriend’s fingers inside her. Holly Mallan closed her eyes and kissed Daisy Goodman softly on her lips. She was just about to come when the girls were rudely interrupted.“What the hell is going on in here?” Mrs. Dickson yelled at the top of her voice.Lauren Dickson knew exactly what had been going on in the showers. This wasn’t the first time that girls had been discovered in the shower room doing something other than getting washed. However, it was the first time that she had found girls doing such things. Worse still, Daisy Goodman and Holly Mallan were both members of her Form class. She was shocked and had a choice to make.The two Sixth Form girls took a few moments to realise what was going on and slowly moved away from one another, slipping under the hot water whilst staring at their clearly angry Form Mistress. They remained silent, hoping that Lauren Dickson would be reasonable with them. The young teacher had been pretty easy-going as their Form Mistress, and only spanked or placed girls in detention when she really had to, unlike some of the other teachers at Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College, who spanked for the least little thing.Mrs. Dickson looked at both girls, a stern expression across her face. She stood with her hands on her hips and waited for an answer. When it did not come, she spoke once more.“I asked you a question – what is going on here, ladies?” She tried, but failed, to look away from the girls’ breasts, which were standing out prominently.Daisy Goodman calmly brushed her wet hair behind her ears and turned the shower off.“We just lost track of time, Miss. Sorry – we were the last in the shower and didn’t realise that everyone else had gone.” She reached for her towel and began to dry herself, not taking her eyes from Lauren.Holly Mallan followed her girlfriend’s lead and rinsed herself under the hot water before turning off the shower and beginning to dry herself with a towel.Lauren Dickson laughed.“How stupid do you think I am, ladies? I saw exactly what you were doing, and I’m disgusted that two of my Form group, as well as two respected members of the Sixth Form would do such things, especially when you both know that we don’t want you young ladies doing such things in school.” Mrs. Dickson shook her head.“Sorry, Miss. We won’t do it again. We promise,” Holly Mallan spoke quietly, looking at Daisy, then at Lauren, and then at the floor.Lauren brushed her long blonde hair behind her ears and exhaled heavily.“No, Miss. We’ll be good. Please don’t tell Mrs. Cranston or Miss Marks – they just don’t understand,” Daisy added.The young PE teacher thought about this for a moment. The two day school girls were good girls who were a credit to the school. Neither of them had been in any serious trouble during their near six years at the exclusive fee-paying girls’ school, but Lauren was angry. Angry at the fact that she was still in school when she should already have been on her way home by now. Angry that she was going to be late meeting her friends and most seriously, angry that two of her Form class had been doing naughty things in the showers despite knowing the rules. Lauren quickly decided upon the course of action that she would take.“Get yourselves dressed, get out of my sight and we’ll deal with this tomorrow morning, ladies.” She stared at both girls before turning and walking out of the shower room, through the changing room and back into the corridor.Lauren Dickson waited and after another five minutes or so, Daisy and Holly emerged, dressed smartly in their Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College uniforms. They avoided looking at their PE Mistress as they headed out of the door and across the schoolyard. Mrs. Dickson sighed heavily, picked up her sports bag and handbag and walked out of the PE block, locking the doors with her keys. She headed home that evening upset but knew what she had to do that following morning no matter if she wanted to or not.Holly and Daisy sat nervously in the assembly hall the following morning. They had avoided speaking or even looking at their Form Mistress, Mrs. Dickson, and simply had taken a seat and kept their heads down. They hoped that their young Form Mistress had decided not to report what she had discovered in the showers that previous evening and spent the whole twenty minutes in assembly praying that this was the case. However, Lauren Dickson had sent an email to the Head of PE, Mrs. Halliday, on her arrival home late that night. Nancy had delighted in going to see Ms. Lindsay, the girls’ Head of Year. She had then talked with the Deputy Head Mistress, Mrs. Cranston and informed her about what the two girls had been doing in the shower.Charlotte Cranston was the Head Mistress in waiting. She had been the Deputy Head Mistress in charge of the curriculum at Alannah Lawrence for twelve years and had been recommended to the governing body by Amelia Marks to be the next Head Mistress. Charlotte had been taken aback when Amelia had told her that she wanted her to succeed her as Head Mistress but had soon come round to the idea. She had spent those next few months making appointments in order to put her stamp on the school from that coming September. Until that time arrived, she busied herself making Miss Marks’ last year as stress-free as possible and learning as much as she could from the older woman. Mrs. Cranston had a reputation as one of the nicest and fairest teachers at Alannah Lawrence, but since Mrs. Edwards had moved on to become Head Mistress at another school, she had found herself administering more punishments than she ever had in the past.Charlotte finished her assembly and smiled as she asked if any members of staff had any announcements. There were a few and Holly and Daisy had just picked up their bags from the floor in front of them when the dark-haired Deputy Head Mistress spoke again.“Ladies. I would like the following Year Twelve girls to remain behind after you have been dismissed by your Form teachers.” Mrs. Cranston paused and scanned the rows of girls.She knew both girls, having taught them History during their time in lower school and soon found them and focused upon them.“Holly Mallan and Daisy Goodman of Mrs. Dickson’s form. Please stay behind as I need a word with you.” Charlotte smiled sweetly before turning to Nancy Halliday, who stood beside the doors at the back of the hall.“Right, ladies. Stand up and leave the hall in silence.” She watched as the three hundred or so girls in the upper school did as she had instructed.Holly and Daisy sank back into their seats and watched as their Form class filed out of the hall. They soon were sitting in an almost empty school hall, with only Lauren and the Deputy Head Mistress for company. They returned their attention to their shoes and looked down at the wooden floor. It was obvious that Lauren Dickson had told Mrs. Cranston about what she had seen the previous evening. They were going to get it.“Girls. Stand up and follow me, please.” Charlotte walked up the aisle, past the girls and towards the doors at the back of the large room.Lauren Dickson paused outside the row of seats in which the girls sat and waited for them to stand up. They took their school bags from the floor and slowly made their way out of the row of seats and past their Form Mistress, her face like thunder. Holly and Daisy calmly walked out of the hall and followed the Deputy Head Mistress. The girls looked at one another when they realised that they weren’t going to Mrs. Cranston’s office. Once they walked out of the double doors and then across the lower school playground, they figured out where they were headed, and they stared at one another nervously.Less than five minutes later, they were sat on one of the leather sofas in reception outside the Head Mistress’ office. Lauren and Charlotte had gone into Amelia Marks’ office and closed the door behind them, leaving the girls sitting nervously waiting to be called in to explain themselves. Within moments, the alarm to signal the end of registration and the beginning of the first lesson that day sounded, and reception became a hive of activity as members of staff, students and visitors moved around. It took what seemed like an age for the noise to die down and once it had, they sat in silence, trying to avoid looking at anyone.After about ten minutes, the door to Amelia Marks’ office opened and the short, dark-haired woman walked across reception, pausing as she came to the desk behind which her secretary, Amber Fox, sat.“Good morning, Amber. Can you hand me the Punishment Book, please?” She turned and shot the two Sixth Form girls a quick glance before returning her attention to her red-headed secretary.Amber Fox reached down into the right-hand drawer in her desk and brought out the thick, A4-sized, black hard-backed book and handed it over to the Head Mistress, who took it in her small right hand.“Thank you, Amber.” She smiled.“Just to remind you, Miss Marks, that the visitors from the other schools are due after break time. I’ve sorted out the conference room and will go and get some tea, coffee and biscuits for them. I’ll take them straight down there for your meeting at eleven.” The young woman smiled.Amelia nodded and turned her attention to Holly and Daisy.“Thanks, Amber. Can you give me a call, or a knock, at five to eleven, so I don’t forget?” She took a step towards the girls.“Of course, Miss Marks.”Amelia stared at the two girls sitting on the sofa. She looked absolutely pissed off.“Hold my calls too, please.”Amber Fox had gone back to tapping away at her computer keyboard but had heard what the Head Mistress had said.“Girls, up you get, bring your school bags and come into my office.” She spoke softly as she stood there with the Punishment Book in her right hand.Daisy and Holly looked at one another before reaching down and picking up their bags. They slowly got to their feet and avoided looking at Amelia as they took the ten or so steps across reception and into the Head Mistress’ office. Once inside, they both immediately noticed the two padded chairs that were normally under the table in the corner of the room that were now facing the Head Mistress’ desk. Next, they noticed Charlotte Cranston and their Form Mistress, Lauren Dickson, sitting at the table that was to the right-hand side of Amelia Marks’ large office. Next to the two women, on the table, was a collection of implements, including Miss Marks’ dragon cane.Amelia Marks followed the two Sixth Form girls into her office and gently closed the door behind her before walking past the girls and sitting down in her padded leather chair behind her desk. She laid the large, hard-backed Punishment Book on her desk and pushed her small, round glasses to the top of her nose with the index finger on her right hand before focusing on the two tall Sixth Formers standing before her.“Please sit down, ladies,” she spoke softly and indicated the two chairs opposite where she sat.Daisy and Holly nervously walked forward and pulled a chair out, placing their bags on the floor next to them before sitting on the padded chairs. They held their hands in the laps and sat with their heads bowed, avoiding looking at Miss Marks, who looked to be in a thoroughly bad mood that morning.They sat in silence for a couple of minutes as the Head Mistress flicked through the almost full Punishment Book. She smiled as she found the page that she was looking for before returning her attention to the girls.“Well, ladies. Would you like to tell me why you have been brought to my office this morning?” Amelia looked at Daisy and Holly and then across at Charlotte and Lauren.Holly Mallan and Daisy Goodman remained silent. Partly because they had no idea what to say and also due to the fact that they were so shocked that Mrs. Dickson had reported what she had discovered in the showers that previous evening.“Nothing to say, ladies?” Amelia leaned forward and rested her chin on her hands on her desk.Holly and Daisy shook their heads.Miss Marks took a deep breath.“Very well. I think you realise that what you were discovered doing in the showers after practice yesterday is not allowed at Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College and that we take a very dim view of it if you are discovered on school grounds.” She shook her head.“I have nothing against you seeing one another outside school, but I will not allow it to happen while you are in school,” she continued.Amelia looked across at Charlotte Cranston, who was sitting at the table in the corner of the office with her arms folded. The Head Mistress returned her attention to the two seventeen-year-old girls sitting before her.“Mrs. Dickson told Mrs. Halliday and then, as I would expect of my staff who discover this sort of thing going on, she informed Ms. Lindsay, who brought it to Mrs. Cranston. You may now realise how serious we take such things.” Miss Marks smiled sweetly at the two girls.“Do you have anything to say for yourselves, ladies?” She moved her hands and sat back in her chair, brushing her long, black hair back behind her ears with her small right hand.Holly and Daisy sat there for a moment before Daisy looked up and opened her mouth.“We weren’t doing anything wrong, Miss. We love one another and I don’t see why we should be punished for it, Miss.” She looked at Holly Mallan before lowering her head and returning her attention to the floor.Amelia Marks smiled.“You love one another.” The short Head Mistress got up from her chair and stood looking down at the two girls, arms folded across her chest.“Well, that’s fine, but not while you’re in school. And seen as you have brought it into school, then you will be punished so that you are reminded that you should not be doing such things whilst you are at school.” Amelia walked around to the front of her desk and stood to the right-hand side of Daisy Goodman.She smiled as she looked down upon the girl with the shoulder-length brown hair.“I’m sure that you have heard about some of the other girls who have found themselves in similar circumstances and about the punishments that they have received for it,” Miss Marks smiled.“So, girls. You will be punished and there will be no repeat of this behaviour in school during your final year or so here. If you wish to see each other outside of school, then that’s fine, but I cannot allow such things to happen on the school site.”The short woman walked across to her table and stood next to where Lauren Dickson was sitting.“I want both of you to stand up, place your blazers over the backs of your chairs and then come and remove your shoes, skirts and knickers and place those on the table – here.” She pointed with her left hand.“Do you have anything to say for yourselves before we begin?” she added.Daisy Goodman and Holly Mallan continued looking down at their shoes and simply shook their heads. They still couldn’t quite believe that Lauren Dickson, their Form Mistress and a teacher who they liked, had actually reported what she had discovered in the showers that previous evening.“Very well. Get your clothes off and we shall get this over with.” Miss Marks smiled at Charlotte Cranston, who pushed her chair back from the table and go to her feet. She stood slightly taller than the older Head Mistress.The two Sixth Form girls pushed the chairs back and carefully stood up, placing their school bags out of the way. They stood behind the blue, padded chairs and removed their light grey Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College blazers, placing them over the back of the chairs. Next, Daisy, followed by Holly, walked over to the table where Mrs. Dickson was sitting, and the two girls tried to avoid looking at their teacher as they began to remove their clothes. Firstly, came their shoes, which they both placed under the table. Next, the two relatively tall girls removed their knee-length grey school skirts, stepping out of them carefully before folding them and placing them on the table next to where Amelia had laid out her implements.Finally, they pulled down their navy school knickers, stepping out of them and folding them before placing them on top of their skirts on the table. The two seventeen-year-old girls stood facing the wall and tried their best not to look at the three women in the room. The girls didn’t care that everything was on show for their teachers. They knew from the descriptions from friends and classmates who had been punished what was going to happen to them and they tried to get their heads around the fact that in a short while, Daisy and Holly would be receiving their first dose of corporal punishment at Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College.“Right, Mrs. Cranston. Which young lady would you like to punish this morning?” Amelia Marks walked behind the two girls and began re-arranging the two seats that the girls had been sitting on in front of her desk.Charlotte Cranston smiled as she looked at the two Sixth Formers as she walked across to where Amelia had taken a seat on one of the padded chairs. The Deputy Head Mistress nodded at the older woman as she sat down on the other seat, opposite where Miss Marks was. She carefully ironed the creases from her expensive-looking three-quarter length grey skirt and adjusted the sleeves on her long-sleeved white satin blouse.“I think that I’d like to smack Daisy’s bottom, Head Mistress.” She looked back over her shoulder at the girl with the short brown hair before returning her attention to Amelia.“Very well, Miss.” The Head Mistress adjusted her silky blue summer dress.“Holly Mallan, come and place yourself over my knee – hands flat on the floor in front of you, feet touching the floor and legs slightly apart. Daisy, over Mrs. Cranston’s knee and no fuss, girls.” She watched as the two Sixth Form girls did as they had been instructed.Within a minute, Daisy was lying across the Deputy Head Mistress’ knees. Charlotte had folded the dark-haired girl’s light blue school blouse out of the way before she placed her small left hand on the girl’s lower back and began rubbing her small bottom with her right hand. Mrs. Cranston looked over at Amelia, who had done the same to Holly Mallan, her right hand already poised for that first slap.“Right, girls. No fuss – I know that you have never been spanked before at my school, but I expect you to take your punishment like good Alannah Lawrence girls. Is that understood, ladies?” Miss Marks smiled at Charlotte.The girls’ faces were covered by their hair, which had fallen down but they both nodded as they tried their best to compose themselves for what was coming their way. After a few moments, they both replied.“Yes, Miss.” Almost as one.With that, the Head Mistress nodded and wasted no time in bringing her small, but seriously hard, right hand down across the centre of Holly’s large, fleshy bottom. The sound it made as it connected, echoed around Amelia’s office and undoubtedly was heard by anyone passing in reception outside.“Slap!”A moment later, Mrs. Cranston landed her first blow against Daisy Goodman’s bottom. It, too, landed with a loud “slap!”The two girls, despite never being punished before, tried to take their punishment with as little trouble as possible. The hand spanking was undoubtedly going to hurt, but they knew that far worse was to come. Daisy pushed her crotch deeper into Mrs. Cranston’s lap and tried to relax the best she could. She focused upon Charlotte’s strong perfume. She smiled awkwardly as she got a good nose full of it. Mrs. Cranston had told her History class years ago that her favourite perfume was Coco Mademoiselle and the sweet smell helped to take the seventeen-year-old’s mind from the slaps that landed across her bottom at regular intervals.“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”Miss Marks administered a slow, hard dose with her small right hand across the centre of Holly Mallan’s bottom. She smiled as she heard her Deputy Head Mistress doing exactly the same to Daisy Goodman, who was draped across the woman’s lap directly opposite her.“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”The two women continued to smack the girls across their bottoms for a few minutes, concentrating upon the fleshy centre of their backsides. The two Sixth Formers’ bum cheeks had quickly turned a bright shade of pink and they had started to become warm to the touch. Holly Mallan struggled and squirmed to remain in position as the pain registered in her brain. The tears had started, and her sniffs and sobs were becoming almost as loud as the sounds made by their teachers’ hands as they spanked their increasingly sore backsides. Miss Marks paused for a moment to adjust the hold she had on the girl with the short black hair before resuming her punishment.“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”Another few minutes were spent slowly slapping both girls as hard as physically possible. Amelia had pulled Holly tightly into her blue dress and slapped freely, ignoring the girl’s sniffs and cries. Across from her, Daisy Goodman was stubbornly trying to take her punishment with as little fuss as she possibly could. There was no way that she was going to give her teachers the satisfaction of seeing her crying or pleading for mercy.“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”Miss Marks targeted Holly Mallan’s lower buttocks and the creases in between her bum cheeks and the tops of her legs.“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”Mrs. Cranston smiled across at Amelia as the older woman tightened the grip she had on the Sixth Form girl with the black hair. Charlotte then gave Daisy the same treatment as she had just witnessed, slapping the girl slow and hard acr
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oss the creases at the top of her long legs.“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”After a further few minutes, the teachers paused, placing their hands flat on the girls’ backs. Amelia Marks looked over at Lauren Dickson, who had been watching the punishments with interest.“Mrs. Dickson. Would you mind passing the clothes brushes over, please?” Miss Marks smiled.“Up you get, ladies, and change places.” The dark-haired Head Mistress slapped Holly gently on her bottom before sitting back to allow the girl to get to her feet.After a few moments, both girls had managed to get to the feet. They were sniffing and Holly Mallan was crying. She wiped her eyes and nose with her hands before quickly placing them on her burning bottom and trying in vain to rub the pain away. Daisy Goodman looked down at Charlotte Cranston before placing her hands over her sore bottom and rubbing it. She then walked across to Amelia and reached across the Head Mistress’ lap. She closed her eyes and prepared herself. She had thought herself lucky being spanked by Charlotte, who was more reasonable than Miss Marks, but now she really was going to get it.Holly Mallan rubbed her bottom for one final time before carefully lying over Mrs. Cranston’s grey-skirted knees. She continued to sniff and sob as Lauren Dickson walked over to where Amelia and Charlotte sat, handing each lady an oval-headed, wooden-backed clothes brush. Miss Marks smiled as she turned the small brush over and gently rubbed it against Daisy Goodman’s already red, sore and burning bottom. She smiled as her Deputy Head Mistress did the same with Holly.“Right, ladies. Seen as this is your first time in trouble, you will only receive six smacks with the brush. You will take them with no fuss, otherwise, I will start all over again. Do you understand?” She raised the brush in the air and paused.It took both girls a while to answer. They both nodded, their hair falling over their faces once again. Holly continued to sniff and sob, but eventually they both managed to reply quietly.“Yes, Miss.”Over the next couple of minutes, both teachers rapped out half a dozen swipes with the nasty brushes. Their strokes landed noisily, and painfully, across the fleshy centre of each girl’s backside.“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”Once again, Daisy Goodman took her punishment well, despite the immense pain that Miss Marks inflicted with her nasty little brush. She had gently bit her lip, closed her eyes and tried to count off each smack as it hit home. Across from her, Holly Mallan had immediately started to cry once more, kicking her right leg up as the pain registered in her brain. Mrs. Cranston smiled at Amelia as she waited for the seventeen-year-old girl to return her foot to the floor before landing the next smack with the clothes brush. Once completed, both ladies sat with the sobbing girls draped across their knees. They allowed them a few minutes to calm themselves before Amelia Marks spoke once more.Amelia placed her clothes brush flat on Daisy’s back and placed both hands flat on the girl’s back, smiling as she watched Charlotte trying to soothe Holly, who was crying loudly. Miss Marks looked down at Daisy Goodman’s bottom and nodded. The six smacks with the surprisingly heavy little brush had left small patches of dark red across the girl’s already sore bottom. The Sixth Former with the shoulder-length brown hair was sobbing but had maintained her composure unlike her friend, who was crying and sobbing loudly.“Right, young ladies. Time for you to stand up and then go and bend over opposite ends of my table.” She sat backed in the high-backed padded chair and took the brush from Daisy’s back.“Up you get,” she spoke softly.The two girls took a few moments to comply, but they were soon bent over Amelia’s large table in the far corner of her office, Daisy nearest the window and Holly across from her. Mrs. Dickson moved out of the way and walked across to the far corner of the room and stood with her arms folded across her chest. Amelia and Charlotte slowly got to their feet, ironing the creases from their dress and skirt with their hands and placing the brushes down on Amelia’s desk before they walked across to where the two girls were bent over the table, heads buried in their arms.Miss Marks looked at Holly Mallan’s bottom and smiled at Charlotte. The younger woman, despite her initial reluctance to spank and cane the girls, had certainly grown into the role over the years as Deputy Head Mistress. She would make a most formidable Head Mistress from that coming September. The short, dark-haired Head Mistress leaned over the table and picked up her well-worn large red slipper in her left hand. She began tapping this gently against the palm of her small right hand. She took a deep breath before taking up a position at Holly Mallan’s left-hand side.“Right, girls. Six smacks with the slipper on those naughty little bottoms of yours and no fuss, or I’ll have to start all over again, won’t I?” she laughed.Amelia placed her left arm around the girl with the black hair and held her tightly against her navy blue silky dress with the fine white pinstripes that ran the length of the dress. She measured the size ten slipper against Holly’s small bottom and wasted no time at all in delivering those half a dozen, full force and painful smacks with the deceptively hard slipper.“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”Holly Mallan had cried, shouted, sobbed, sniffed and wriggled for all she was worth as the slipper kissed her bottom at regular intervals. Miss Marks expertly laid the swipes across the girl’s fleshy bottom and held her tightly to ensure that there would be no escape. Once completed, Amelia released her grip and immediately walked around the table and stood at Daisy Goodman’s right-hand side. Holly buried her head deeper into her arms and continued to cry loudly.The Head Mistress repeated the ritual. She slipped her left arm around Daisy Goodman’s slim waist and pulled her tightly into her dress, the girl moaning as she felt the cool material rubbing against her bare legs. Out of sight of the seventeen-year-old, the dark-haired woman measured the slipper out against the centre of her already red and sore bottom before quickly, and as hard as physically possible, laying out the six smacks with the slipper.“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”Once more, Miss Marks released the grip she had on the girl and placed the slipper down on the table in front of her. The girl with the shoulder-length brown hair was crying into her arms but was trying her best not to make as much noise as her friend was across from her. The Head Mistress leaned over the table once more and picked up her large American-style wooden spanking paddle. She held this in her right hand and smiled across at Lauren Dickson, who was watching her, absolutely fascinated by what she was witnessing.Amelia held her prized possession out in her right hand and gestured at Charlotte Cranston, who took a few steps across to her and took the eighteen-inch-long paddle in her right hand. She smiled as she examined it closely. It was made from one solid piece of wood, was about one-inch thick and about eighteen inches in length. It had eight, small holes along its length, in two rows of four. The holes were each about an inch in diameter and allegedly helped to bring it down through the air with even more force.“Mrs. Cranston, why don’t you give Miss Mallan and Miss Goodman the next part of their punishment?” She stepped back over to her desk and watched as Charlotte Cranston took up her position at Daisy’s left-hand side.The Deputy Head Mistress flicked her long brown hair behind her small ears before laying the paddle flat against the centre of the Sixth Form girl’s already swollen, red and bruised bottom. She looked across to Amelia, who stood behind her desk with her arms folded across her chest.“Six swats for both of these naughty, naughty girls, please, Miss,” Amelia announced softly, nodding as she saw Charlotte adjust her stance, ready to deliver the painful whacking with the paddle.The fifty-one-year-old Deputy Head Mistress paused for a moment, taking a deep breath and thinking about where she would land her half a dozen swats. Once she had settled upon a place just a little lower than the centre of Daisy’s fleshy bottom, she took aim, pushed the girl down into the table with her left hand and slowly, and emotionlessly, administered those six strokes as hard as she physically could.“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”The tall, dark-haired Sixth Form girl certainly felt each and every swat with the wooden paddle but thanks to her stubbornness and also Charlotte’s left hand pushing down on her back, she stayed in position over the table, despite the searing pain burning across her lower buttocks. Mrs. Cranston removed her hand from Daisy’s back and quickly moved around to the other side of the table where Holly Mallan was lying, still crying loudly into her arms. On realising what was coming her way, she stood up and placed her hands over her buttocks and began to plead for mercy.“Please, Miss! I don’t want any more! We’ll be good – I promise, Miss!” she shouted through the sniffs and tears.Charlotte Cranston smiled at the girl. Part of her knew that she had been punished enough and, had it been up to her, she probably would have stopped there. However, it wasn’t up to her – yet! She looked across at Amelia, who simply shook her head.“Young lady. Get yourself back over my table and don’t cause such a fuss. You’re getting six whacks with the paddle, just like Daisy. Do I need to get Mrs. Dickson to hold you down while Miss wallops you?” Miss Marks stared at Holly Mallan. She looked absolutely pissed off.The Sixth Former continued to cry and shake her head.“Get yourself back over the table now or I’ll get Mrs. Dickson to hold you and you’ll get twelve smacks instead of six!” Amelia raised her voice slightly.The promise of extra punishment had the desired effect and within moments, a crying and snivelling Holly Mallan was lying across the table once more, face buried in her arms. Behind her, Charlotte Cranston took up position to the girl’s left-hand side and placed her left hand solidly on the seventeen-year-old’s lower back. She pushed her weight down and watched the Sixth Form girl’s bottom rise slightly. Mrs. Cranston drew the paddle back and wasted no time at all in delivering the half-a-dozen, full-force swats across the lower part of Holly Mallan’s red and bruised bottom. She ignored the girl’s cries, shouts and promises, and concentrated upon walloping the small bottom in front of her as hard as she physically could.“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”Charlotte took her left hand from the girl’s lower back and looked at the ferocious wooden paddle for a few moments before she placed it down on the table and walked away. She stood beside Lauren Dickson in the corner of Miss Marks’ office and watched as Amelia walked back to the table and picked up her senior school dragon cane with its black lambswool handle. The Head Mistress swished this through the air three times to get the feel for it. She smiled as she heard Holly’s crying becoming louder at the prospect of being caned for the first time.“So, my naughty, dirty, little girls. We shall conclude your punishment with six of the best across those naughty little bottoms of yours.” Amelia walked across to Daisy Goodman and stood to the girl’s left-hand side.“You will hopefully remember this for the rest of your time at my school, you naughty girls.” She spoke softly and began tapping the dark-haired girl’s bottom with her cane.“You will not do such things while you’re in school, and, if you wish to do such things with each other, then you do them outside school and in private,” she continued.“Open your legs a little further, girl, and just lie there and take these strokes like a good Alannah Lawrence girl.” Miss Marks waited and smiled as the seventeen-year-old did as she had been instructed.Daisy sniffed and wiped her eyes with both hands before she returned her face to her arms and tried to prepare herself for the painful finale to her first ever punishment. She was determined to take it with as little fuss as possible and also, she was not going to give Miss Marks the satisfaction of having reduced her to tears or making her plead for mercy. Behind her, Amelia Marks continued to tap the girl’s already red and sore bottom with her dense cane, waiting until she was absolutely satisfied where her first stroke would land. She took aim against a spot just below the centre of the seventeen-year-old girl’s right buttock. The Head Mistress drew her cane back, took a deep breath and brought her cane swishing through the air a moment later.It landed against its target with a sound that echoed around Amelia’s office within a second.“Thwack!”Miss Marks held her cane against the girl’s bottom for a moment before raising it in the air once more. She paused as she watched the Sixth Form girl’s reaction. Daisy Goodman had simply buried her face deeper in her arms and muffled the shout that came from her mouth. She swayed as the pain registered in her brain but succeeded in her fight to stay in position, bent over Amelia’s table. Once she was happy that the girl with the shoulder-length brown hair had settled, the Head Mistress sent her second stroke on its way. It landed a second later directly opposite where her first had, this time leaving a neat red line on the seventeen-year-old’s lower left buttock.“Thwack!”Again, Daisy Goodman let out a shout, which she muffled by covering her mouth with her left arm. The pain was intense, but she wasn’t going to give the nasty little woman the satisfaction of seeing her jumping around or rubbing her bottom. No, she would take those strokes no matter how much they hurt as they bit into her delicate skin. Besides, she didn’t want any extra strokes for annoying Amelia any more than she was right now. Daisy held her position and awaited the third stroke. It landed in the same area as the first one had, and the stinging pain made the Sixth Form girl wriggle for all she was worth.“Thwack!”Amelia paused for a moment and leaned over to inspect the seventeen-year-old girl’s bottom. She smiled as she could see the three neat, thin red tram lines that her cane had left imprinted across the girl’s bottom. As she resumed her position, Holly Mallan raised her head from the opposite end of the table to see exactly what was happening to her girlfriend, but she immediately replaced her head in her arms when the dark-haired Head Mistress noticed her and swished her cane once more, before resuming her position at Daisy’s left-hand side. She had soon administered the next stroke, levelling things up with a full-force swipe against the girl’s left bum cheek.“Thwack!”The dark-haired girl’s cries had become louder by this point and Miss Marks wasted no time in administering the final strokes, targeting the creases in between lower buttock and thigh. She gave Daisy Goodman a few seconds in between the strokes and ignored her cries and shouts as those final two swipes with the senior school dragon cane did their work.“Thwack!”“Thwack!”The Head Mistress paused for a few moments to inspect the girl’s bottom and nodded across to Mrs. Cranston and Mrs. Dickson as she walked around to the other end of the table where Holly Mallan was bent over, still sobbing and sniffing loudly from her punishment so far. Amelia wasted no time in laying the cane across the centre of the girl’s fleshy bottom and taking aim.“Right, young lady. You know what is coming your way, so take these like a good Alannah Lawrence Girl. Don’t cause a fuss or I’ll get Mrs. Dickson to hold you down and I’ll give you twelve strokes instead of the six you’re getting at the moment. Do you understand?” Miss Marks already had her cane raised in the air.“Y…Ye…Yes...Mi...Miss!” Holly Mallan eventually managed to reply through her tears, sniffs and sobs. She placed her face deep into her arms as far as it would go and closed her eyes.Five seconds later, Amelia Marks brought her cane flying through the air, its journey ended when it connected with Holly’s right bum cheek.“Thwack!”The girl with the short black hair screamed into her arms and swayed and wriggled around on the table, fighting the urge to jump up and place her hands over her battered bottom. It took her about a minute to calm herself and prepare for the next stroke. Once she was happy, the Head Mistress brought her cane down once again, this time landing her cane solidly against Holly’s left bum cheek.“Thwack!”Again, the seventeen-year-old swayed and wriggled as the pain registered in her brain. She was crying uncontrollably, but Miss Marks ignored her, waiting until the Sixth Former had positioned herself correctly over the table once more, before bringing down her third stroke. This bit into Holly Mallan’s right buttock and her strange little dance of pain began all over again.“Thwack!”As she had done with Daisy Goodman, Amelia paused and smiled as she looked at the neat collection of marks that had appeared across Holly’s bottom. Once she could see that the girl had settled herself, she re-took her position at the black-haired girl’s left-hand side and soon had laid out a fourth, painful swipe, which caught the tall girl across her left buttock.“Thwack!”Once again, Holly Mallan performed her strange little dance of squirming and wriggling on the table, eventually settling as Amelia tapped her gently with the cane. Just as she had done with Daisy Goodman, the Head Mistress aimed for the creases in between the girl’s lower buttock and the very tops of her thighs. This would be a reminder of their punishment for days to come. Every time they tried to sit, or made any sudden movements, then they would be reminded of their behaviour and why they had been punished in the Head Mistress’ office that Friday morning.“Thwack!”More wriggling, squirming, crying and sobbing, before finally,“Thwack!”Holly screamed and cried loudly. She didn’t care who could hear her. The pain in her bottom and thighs was unlike anything that she had experienced before. She wanted to jump up and swear but managed to restrain herself and keep her face pushed down into her arms. Across the table from her, Daisy was sniffing but not making much noise apart from that. The dark-haired Head Mistress smiled across at Mrs. Cranston and Mrs. Dickson before walking to her cupboard where she brought out a pack of antiseptic wipes with which, she spent a few minutes cleaning her implements before returning them to her cupboard and the cane to the vase beside the window.Amelia Marks sat down in her leather padded chair behind her desk and picked up her pen. She concentrated on filling in the entries in her Punishment Book, ignoring the sniffs and sobs that were coming from both girls. They were the only sounds in her office.Date: Friday 29th June 2035Student: Daisy GoodmanForm Class: 12 LDNReason for Punishment: Caught in shower room having inappropriate relations with another studentPunishment: Over-the-knee hand spanking, Six smacks with the clothes brush, slipper, wooden paddle and senior school dragon cane. Girls will also serve a Friday detention on Friday 6th July as well as completing 200 lines for Monday 2nd July.Administered by: Miss A. J. Marks – Head Mistress and Mrs. C. Cranston – Deputy Head MistressWitnessed: Mrs. L. Dickson – Form Mistress 12 LDNDate: Friday 29th June 2035Student: Holly MallanForm Class: 12 LDNReason for Punishment: Caught in shower room having inappropriate relations with another studentPunishment: Over-the-knee hand spanking, Six smacks with the clothes brush, slipper, wooden paddle and senior school dragon cane. Girls will also serve a Friday detention on Friday 6th July as well as completing 200 lines for Monday 2nd July.Administered by: Miss A. J. Marks – Head Mistress and Mrs. C. Cranston – Deputy Head MistressWitnessed: Mrs. L. Dickson – Form Mistress 12 LDNAfter a few minutes, Miss Marks looked across at the two Sixth Form girls who were still bent over her table in the corner of her office. They had calmed down and were silent, apart from the odd sniff and sob. She smiled and then looked at Mrs. Cranston and Mrs. Dickson, who were standing next to one another in the opposite corner of her room.“Thank you, ladies, for witnessing that. I hope that it hasn’t interfered too much with what you had planned during the first lesson of the day,” Amelia laughed quietly.Charlotte and Lauren moved towards the door.“Not at all, Miss. They are my girls and as such, my responsibility. If you need me to punish them further then please just let me know.”Both girls recognised Lauren’s voice and shuddered. She would definitely be making their last year or so at Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College absolutely miserable.“That’s fine, thank you, Miss. I shall give these naughty girls a Friday detention next week and some lines to complete and we shall draw a line under all this unpleasantness, I think,” Miss Marks spoke softly.“Plus, if it was to happen again then I think these two young ladies are aware what will happen to them and I’m sure that neither of them wants that,” she added.Out of the girls' sight, Lauren Dickson nodded and took the handle to Amelia’s office door in her right hand, gently pushing it down and pulling the door open. The sounds outside in reception filled the large room until Lauren and Mrs. Cranston left the room and closed the door quietly behind them. Miss Marks looked across at the two Sixth Form girls, who were still bent over her table with their red and sore bottoms on display.“Right, Holly and Daisy. I want you to stand up, get yourselves dressed and then you can replace the chairs under my table before standing in front of my desk.” She watched with a stern expression on her face as the girls slowly stood up, careful not to rub their sore bottoms.As the girls dressed, Amelia pulled some papers from one of the drawers in her desk and wrote the statement that she wanted the girls to complete for her, glancing across at the girls occasionally as she did so.Both girls dressed as quickly as they could, in between their sniffs and sobs and wiping the tears from their eyes. Firstly, they replaced their navy school knickers, although this was quite a challenge as they tried to avoid touching their bruised and sore thighs and bottoms. Next, they stepped into their grey school skirts and carefully zipped them up before slipping on their shiny black school shoes. Finally, they walked over to Amelia’s desk, where she was concentrating upon writing what she wanted the girls to copy, and put their grey school blazers on, adjusting their appearance until it could be as perfect as possible.Holly and Daisy then picked up one of the padded chairs that their teachers had been sitting on and replaced them under Amelia’s table, before walking back across her office and standing in front of the woman’s large desk. Amelia Marks ignored the girls until she had finished what she was doing. She then looked up, pushed her small round glasses up to the top of her small nose with her left index finger before picking up the sheets of paper in both hands and holding them out for each girl.“Right. You will serve a Friday detention next week as part of your punishment – Mrs. Dickson will remind you about it next week and Mrs. Cranston will collect you and take you down to room 1.19 and you will write a letter of apology to Mrs. Dickson while you are in there.” She paused and exhaled heavily.“You will also complete 200 lines for Monday. You will hand them to me – without excuse – by 8:30 on Monday morning. If I am not here, you will leave them with Miss Fox in reception. Do you understand?” Miss Marks watched as the girls reached out and took the papers from her outstretched hands.“Yes, Miss,” the girls replied quietly and almost in unison.Amelia got to her feet and adjusted her navy summer dress before returning her attention to the two Sixth Form girls.“Right. Pick up your bags, get yourself cleaned up and then get yourself to your second lesson after break and I don’t want to hear any more about you two ladies. If you want to see one another, then do it at home and outside of my school. Am I making myself clear?” Miss Marks walked around to the front of her desk and paused before walking to her office door.“Yes, Miss,” the girls answered almost as one.“Okay. Off you go.” Amelia opened her office door quietly and watched as the girls picked up their bags and walked slowly past her and out into the reception area.The Head Mistress closed the door and returned to her desk where she sat until she was woken from her daydream by Amber Fox, who reminded her about her meeting that morning. Amelia smiled and made her way to the conference room.Daisy Goodman and Holly Mallan had become celebrities within their year group at Alannah Lawrence. The sporty and academic all-rounders had quickly become bored with the constant demands from friends and classmates to show them their bottoms, or to tell them exactly what their punishment from the Head Mistress and Deputy Head Mistress had been like. They had handed in their lines on time and served their detention and had vowed never to get sent to the Head Mistress’ office ever again.The two girls had still continued to see one another, although they had become careful never to get intimate at school. They had quickly forgiven their Form Mistress, Mrs. Dickson, and had once again warmed to Mrs. Cranston as the new Head Mistress during their final year at Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College.Amelia Marks had retired as Head Mistress in July that year and had never gone back, despite the frequent requests from Charlotte Cranston. The short, dark-haired woman with the stylish round glasses, found she had far too much in her life to worry about going back to “her” school. Besides, Charlotte and her team of formidable teachers were more than capable of keeping the young ladies of Alannah Lawrence Girls’ College in line. Miss Marks enjoyed her numerous holidays, both within the UK and abroad, and found that there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit in all those things that she wanted to try.She had smiled as she had cleared her office after school had ended for the summer and spent an age carefully packing her vast collection of spanking implements which now took pride of place in her office at home. Amelia thought about how she could get some use out of them now that she had retired… 

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