Spanish Porn Movie With The Big Ass And The Hottest Lingerie

Spanish Porn Movie With The Big Ass And The Hottest Lingerie

“What the fuck have I done?”The cold dread, rising from deep inside me with the realisation that this wasn’t a joke anymore.I glance around the room. I can hear one side of a muffled phone conversation in the next room. My name is mentioned, and then hers… Cathy Summerville.I lean my head back and stare at the ceiling as I recall the first time I met Cathy Fucking Summerville.---------------------------------------------I was half-way through an explanation of the key events of the Northern Irish Civil Rights movement and the events of October 1968 and how this had led to the deployment of armed troops onto the streets of the United Kingdom for the first time since the General Strike in 1926.I was just explaining how this was the first time the Police had been filmed baton-charging unarmed marchers and that the footage on television around the world had resulted in pressure on the Westminster government when the door opened and in strutted Cathy Summerville.The school insisted that the Sixth Form girls still wore school uniform, even though some of them were eighteen years of age by the time the completed their final exams. This girl was pushing the uniform code from every angle. I stopped mid-sentence and watched her as she strode past my desk to take an empty seat in the second row.Her blouse was a size too small, allowing her perfect looking breasts to jut out, the buttons straining, with gaps to reveal the lacy pink bra she was wearing underneath. Her skirt must have been rolled up at the waist as it was so short it just about covered her ass. She was wearing black tights as opposed to the regulation grey knee-length socks and a pair of black Doc Martens boots finished off her look.She sat down and flicked her long blonde hair out of her face and smiled.“Sorry Miss, I’m Cathy Summerville. I got sent to this class cos Miss Rafferty refuses to teach me any more.” She paused, winked to her classmates and continued, “She says I’ve got a bad attitude.”“Thank you, Cathy.” I paused, my train of thought evaporated by the interruption and the effect that Cathy Summerville was having on me.I was used to schoolgirls, I‘d been teaching here for six years and had seen every type of girl come and go, but there was something about her attitude, her ‘Fuck you!’ stance that made my cunt clench. I managed to get through the rest of the lesson without too much difficulty, but every time I glanced in her direction, Cathy Summerville was staring back at me. She seemed to relish the fact I was looking at her. I was sure she was running her tongue over her lips deliberately. Her eyebrows would rise as she shifted her legs under the desk.From that day on, I was sure Cathy knew about me. Somehow she could tell what I was and tormented me with her body. She never made it to class on time. She would purposefully walk in five minutes late, interrupting my train of thought as she slowly sashayed her way to her desk. Always, the flick of her long blonde hair as she sat down. She would pretend to concentrate. Every time I glanced in her direction, she would be staring at me, her chin in her hand, her blue eyes fixed on me, boring into me. Sometimes she’d run her tongue over her lips just to put me off.Then it happened. She saw me looking in her direction and then she slowly opened her legs under the desk. No one else saw her, but I did. Her legs parted and that little triangle of white cotton flashed. I couldn’t help it, my mind went blank. I felt myself stammer and flush bright red. She saw she had got the reaction she wanted and smirked as she pressed her legs together again.That night as I lay in bed, try as I might, it was Cathy Summerville’s face that entered my head as the rabbit buzzed between my legs. I tried but couldn’t make the images disappear and in the end, it was Cathy Summerville’s small pink teenage nipples I sucked, Cathy Summerville’s dripping wet pussy I licked and Cathy Summerville moaning in my head as I took her, my body racked with a shuddering orgasm that left me drained as I fucked Cathy Summerville in my head.From then on, she seemed to be everywhere. When I entered the toilets, she was coming out, holding the door open for me so that I had to pass close by her, inhaling her scent, a mixture of shower gel and Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance. She smiled as I squeezed past her, how easy it would have been to let my fingers glide over her pert breasts as she stood beside me. Her eyes seemed to signal her consent, despite the other girls coming and going.I knew it was crazy, but as I sat, locked in the toilet cubicle with my knickers around my knees and my fingers buried deep inside me, I just knew I had to have her. I sat back, looking at the teeth marks on the back of my hand. A reminder of what I had done to keep myself from screaming as I came. As I sucked my fingers clean, I finally decided I needed some ‘alone time’ with Miss Cathy Summerville.As usual, she came to class late. As usual, her blouse was too tight and today, her black lace bra was visible through the thin material. Today, she was wearing black over the knee socks. The strip of naked flesh between sock and skirt was almost too much. I felt my fingers grip the sheet of papers I was holding in my hands tighter and tighter until the tips turned white.“I have your essays marked. You will find comments at the end,” I announced as I handed back their homework.I stood in front of Cathy’s desk, holding the last essay in my hand. I looked down at her. She gave me her trademark grin, blue eyes sparkling, as she ran her fingers through her hair.“So, how did I do, Miss?”I looked at her, any lingering doubts about my intentions were blown away as she arched her back in front of me, her chest pushed out, those gorgeous little tits on display, begging to be sucked. Well, I intended to do more than just suck them.“You didn’t,” I informed her. “How long did you spend on this? Twenty minutes? Half an hour? This simply isn’t good enough. You will stay behind after class today and complete this essay properly.”She didn’t say anything. She just deflated a little, and sat, staring at the title page of her essay. Staring at the F scrawled vindictively in red pen beside her name.When the bell went, everyone else got up to leave. A couple of her friends whispered that they’d meet her outside afterwards before getting out of the classroom as quickly as possible.“I’ll be back in a few minutes, Cathy,” I told her and headed off to the toilets.Once locked inside the cubicle, I undid my trouse
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rs and pulled down my knickers. Taking the strap-on out of my bag, I put it on, tightening the leather straps securely before tucking the purple girl-cock into my knickers and fastening my trousers again.With a deep breath, I pushed open the door to my classroom. Cathy was sitting at her desk, tapping the pen against her teeth. The blank page sat in front of her.I let the door slam closed behind me.She looked up at me, licking her lips as I ran my fingers over the neckline of my top, my eyes roaming over her. Her long blonde hair was tousled, her blue eyes sparkled as I thought to myself how she looked like a bitch in heat.“Are you not going to write the essay?”She looked up, smiling.“I thought maybe I didn’t have to,” she giggled. “I know what you are. I’ve seen you looking at me.”“What am I?” I asked.“You’re a fucking lezzie,” she sneered.I took the few steps necessary to close the distance between the door and her desk and leant down and kissed her hard on the mouth. My eyes locked on hers as my fingers ran through her hair and tightened their grip.As I pushed my tongue into her mouth, I felt her sucking it, letting me take her. She made a small, almost involuntary moan as I broke the kiss and stepped back.“Take off your tie and unbutton your blouse,” I ordered.I watched, my breath held as she pushed the chair back from the desk and stood up. She looked me in the eye as she slid the tie off and dropped it on the desk. She paused, momentarily, then slowly unbuttoned the blouse.. button... after button.. after button until her black lacy bra was revealed.She stood looking at me, her blouse open, her hands on her hips. The look on her face was one of defiance, but I knew she wanted me.I kissed her again, as I ran my fingers over her face and down, cupping her breast, feeling the nipple harden underneath the bra. My fingers scooped her pert breast out. My thumb rolled over the globe, the firmness excited me further as I rolled a rapidly hardening nipple between my thumb and finger until she moaned.“Fuck,” I thought. She felt better than I could ever have imagined. The tiny light pink rounded nipples hardened under my touch.I reached down and unzipped her regulation school skirt, letting it fall in a crumpled heap around her ankles. I ran my eyes over her. The black lacy bra, the white cotton panties with pink hearts on them, the black over the knee socks, it was too much to resist. But by then, I’d gone too far anyway.I ran my fingers down over her flat stomach, cupping her panties. Feeling the heat emanating from her mound, the cotton already damp.“I want you,” I whispered.I unbuttoned my trousers, letting her see the purple girl-cock bulging inside my knickers. I heard her intake of breath as she raised her eyes and whispered back, “You came prepared.”“I did,” I whispered, stepping forward to bridge the gap between us.I kissed her again as my hand dropped back between her legs. This time, I slid them inside the damp cotton. I could feel her soft silky hairs as my fingers cupped her sex. Her lips were already slick with the juices that oozed out of her.She closed her eyes and groaned softly as my middle finger slipped between her lips and caressed her folds. I felt her spread her legs wider for me as my fingertip teased her clit from its hood. She stood there, letting me take her. My fingers sliding easily over her, probing at the entrance to her hot wet sex as she whimpered in front of me.I removed my fingers and rubbed the juices over my girl-cock, lubricating it in front of her.“Pull your panties down,” I ordered. Watching entranced as she immediately stuck her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down over her hips and slid them down to her knees before letting them go to join her skirt around her ankles.I only had to whisper “Turn around” and she turned and put her hands on the desk, sticking her ass out. I could see the juices begin to dribble down her thighs.“Mmm so beautiful and so obedient,” I sighed as I ran my hand over her ass cheek.I crouched behind her, spreading her ass cheeks with my hands as I slurped greedily at her wet sex. A long slow lick with the flat of my tongue from her clit to her asshole. I smiled as she pushed back against my mouth.My nose was pushed into her wet velvet hole, inhaling her scent as my tongue flicked at her clit. She pushed against me, rotating her hips to rub her swollen lips over my mouth, signalling how much she wanted me.Then, lapping at her again with slow broad licks of my tongue, tasting the juices flooding out of her. She tasted divine, like honey and chocolate mixed together with a musky undercurrent. My thumbs spread her open as I rolled my tongue into a tube and pushed it inside her like a tiny cock. Then, teasingly, moving back to her clit, flicking, teasing, tasting, licking, taking her.“Oh my god,” she groaned, “Fuck me.”I straightened behind her, gripping the shaft of the girl-cock and slid it along her wet slit, lubricating it with her juices. The tip pressed against her throbbing clit.“Push it in, please,” she whimpered, pushing her ass back against me.“Beg for it,” I growled as I ran my fingers through her hair, gripping her head tightly.“Oh fuck, please. Give me your cock, Miss,” she begged.I pulled her hair sharply, snapping her head back and, at the same moment, pushed the girl-cock in fast, hard, slamming it deep inside her.“Oh fuck, yes!” she cried.I began to fuck her, holding her hair in one hand like reins as I put my other hand on the small of her back, pushing her away as I withdrew and dragging her to me as I pushed my girl-cock inside her.“Oh god, I love your cock so much,” she groaned as I slammed it into her.I pulled on her hair, forcing her head up off the desk as I fucked her hard from behind. I looked down, watching the girl-cock disappearing inside her as I ground myself against her ass cheeks.“Oh god I’m going to cum,” she whimpered.“Already?” I responded. “You really are a bitch in heat.”I slammed it into her harder, faster, deeper with every thrust. She buried her face in the crook of her arm and screamed as she shuddered, thighs shaking.I felt my own orgasm building and as I came, bucking wilding, crying out that she was a dirty fucking whore, her moans, my cries and the screams coming from the Headmistress standing in the doorway merged together.“Miss Green, what the hell do you think you are doing?”I froze, looking from the Headmistress to Cathy Summerville, then back again.“What the fuck have I done?”   

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