Compile Cock Varies On Lundic Xxx Black Pussy

Compile Cock Varies On Lundic Xxx Black Pussy

I am employed to undertake computing coding in a reasonably large organisation. I became aware of a special project being controlled by a systems analyst I enjoyed working with and was accepted by him to do the work he required. His name is Cameron – otherwise known as Cam. I had worked with him before and liked his professionalism. The project he was involved in was with an interstate office and he often spent time there. I soon learned the project was involved and demanding. It was made clear before I began that I would be required to work at odd hours in order for Cam to meet his deadlines. This would involve working late into the evening on occasions. I would be required to get changes made to programs overnight, so as to be implemented early the next morning. In view of my respect for Cam’s ability, I was prepared to do this. I enjoyed the challenges he gave me and often worked with him personally to carry out modifications as it was interesting. He respected my ability and rarely interfered with anything I was doing for him. I always did his changes in preference to other work I was involved in. I had dated him a couple of times in my early days of working in the company. We got close to having an affair on one occasion but nothing came of it. He had a moment of weakness I believe in going as far as we did. He said it was my perfume. After that I wore it occasionally if I knew we may be at the same function hoping it might work again. It didn’t. One Friday night I was having a few drinks after work at one of our TGIF gatherings (Thank God Its Friday). Cam wasn't there as he was interstate again. I had been working hard and was relaxing and had one or two drinks more that I normally do. I became a bit tipsy. I was also quite horny not having had any sex for some time apart from my own self satisfying type. One of the other guys with a great physique made a pass at me and I liked his approach. I made a few enquiries as I had a suspicion he may have been married. I learned his wife had left him so I thought there was nothing to lose. He might be a good one night stand. The next time we talked, I made a few suggestive remarks which were not rejected or challenged. We were alone and I decided the time was right to make my move. “I don’t know about you but if you want what I think you do, you can take me home right now.” He smiled like a Cheshire cat. “Get your coat, we are leaving. I don’t have to be asked twice," he replied. We left immediately. On the way I made it clear knew he had been married and divorced, and all I wanted was sex. I had also warned him this was only going to be a one night stand as I wanted no part of an office affair. Even though I had a few drinks I was not that drunk that I didn’t know what I was doing. In fact I had made up my mind I was going to enjoy it as I had not had a man in bed for over a month. As soon as we got to his apartment we went to his bedroom and undressed, as I had decided to get the ball rolling straight away. I lay on his bed and prepared to take him into me without any finesse. He got my message and mounted me and I had no reservations about what was happening. There was no foreplay or affection and none required. I was ready and willing. He slipped his cock into me and I began to feel the pleasure of his cock thrusting inside me. I settled back for an enjoyable session. Then there was grunt or two, a feeling of moisture inside me, then he laid on top of me. He had cum. I could not believe he had cum in no more than a minute after entering me. I was stunned. That was far too soon for me, and probably the fastest fuck I have ever had. To say I was disappointed and a little angry was an understatement. “Shit that was quick... I need this; can you get it up again?” I pleaded. I was desperate to achieve an orgasm myself. “I can try but I don’t think I can,” he replied. I gave his cock a rub and then went down on it for a minute or two with no success. It was then I got shitty with him. “Is there a problem? I want it as much as you did, you just didn’t last long enough for me to even realise you were inside me. Fuck I have never had a guy cum that fast before. What’s your problem?” I yelled at him. “I want you to go," he said. “I can’t take any more of this.” I calmed down, hoping he would recover enough to give me what I wanted. “What is the problem, is it me? or is it something else? Would you like to talk about it?” I enquired. Then he began to make excuses and babble about how getting some girl pregnant had destroyed his marriage. Every time he did this now he thought of this girl. Now things were making sense. I had heard stories in the office about one of the guys getting a junior office girl pregnant. “That story about that young girl Janice going around the office... was it you? I asked. “Yes, it was like tonight, after a few drinks she came onto me and I couldn’t help myself. We came back here and she stayed the night," he said dejectedly. “She was ten years younger than me and only eighteen. I couldn’t help myself, she was young, attractive and all over me. I should have made sure she was safe before we did it. I was a fool,” he admitted. “Shit, how did your wife find out?” I asked. “We were already living apart, she had found another guy. There was no problem with her; it was already over and she had moved in with her new lover,” Jake replied. I could understand if he was a quick with her as he was with me. His wife would never have been satisfied. “You could have married the girl then?” I asked. “Her parents blamed me for everything and have begun paternity claims against me. They blame me entirely for what happened even though she was not a virgin. There was no way the two of us could have been happy and then there was the ten year age difference. It would not have worked,” he explained. I vaguely remembered the girl and was surprised at her age, and that she had since left the company. This had confirmed the office gossip about him. Then he began to cry, which was a bit too much for me. “Please don’t mention a word about what had happened between the two of us in the office. That would add insult to injury," he pleaded between sobs. “You can rely on that.” I said quite angrily. I got dressed and stormed out with his cum leaking back out of me and I was as cranky as all hell. I checked my phone and found a Uber car was close by, and booked it. On the way home I began to think. This was going to make things difficult in the office again if anybody was to find out. He could be sure I was never going to admit what happened. A failed fuck on a one night stand was not something to be proud of. As I cooled down, I began to feel sorry for him.  From then on if I saw him in the office I acknowledged him, but nothing more. I didn’t want anybody to realise there was a problem between us. He never mentioned our disastrous affair, and neither did I anybody. It was a few weeks later Cam’s program was moving from the development into live testing stage of his project. This was keeping me very busy as constant amendments were required to rewrite some of his work, much of it late at night. This got my mind off my other problem with Jake who often broke down in the office.  Jakes problem had become common gossip. It was his pregnant girl friend. The age difference was too much for her parents to handle and even though he was no longer officially married, he was never going to marry her. Her parents would not agree to an abortion. Our failed affair was never mentioned, thank heavens. Cam went interstate for a week and I was working all hours to get his amendments completed as his changes never came through until late in the day. The deadline for the completion of the job was getting very close. His customer suddenly wanted a big change to the program and wanted the completion date retained. Cam rang my boss and asked if I could go down to the other office and work with him there. In this way we may have a chance of either making the deadline or being very close to it. My boss agreed and I flew down the following day. Cam picked me up from the airport and on the way to the office he dropped a bombshell. “Would I mind sharing his apartment? “ he asked. He was using the second bedroom as an office but we could clear that out for me. It would mean we could work together till all hours, even overnight if necessary, he explained. I agreed begrudgingly as I liked him and he was good company even as we worked. I wondered what might happen in view of our earlier near miss. For the next week we worked virtually day and night and things were beginning to show results and we looked like making the deadline. I was buggered from very little sleep and lots of work. I had not left the apartment and had dressed in the most casual of clothing the whole time and at times in just my track suit or gown. We lived on take away or pre-packaged food. My brain was beginning to show signs of fatigue and I wasn’t masturbating to ease the pressure. The testing however was beginning to look good. The deadline was in sight. One night he came home happy and told me. ”Everything was falling into place ... thanks to you. You worked your bum off for me. Thank you. No changes required tonight.” He was really happy. We had another take away meal and a bottle of wine, and a long chat about work. As I was excusing myself and going to bed Cam suggested, “Maybe you could sleep in tomorrow and refresh your batteries.” “That sounds good to me,” I replied. “I won’t need to be told twice. If the shit hits the fan then you could ring me and I would do anything you ask.” We were both too tired to put a second meaning into that comment. I did as he suggested and virtually slept right through the day. I had closed the curtains to block out the daylight so I could sleep and it was about six at night before I opened my eyes. Cam and I had separate bedrooms but shared a bathroom. I sleep naked and there was no sign of him so I went to the bathroom and had a shit, shower and shampoo, leaving my gown in the bedroom. I had not heard him come back to the apartment and as I was walking from the bathroom to my bedroom completely naked, we met in the corridor. I was as bare as a newborn baby. “Now that’s a side of you I haven’t seen before," he commented. “Shit this is not how I meant you to see me.” I said as he was completely blocking the corridor. “I have, and I am impressed.” He smiled at me in a wonderful way and my nipples hardened. He virtually ignored my nudity and told me. “That sleep has done you the world of good and I have great news. Everything worked. There are one or two little tweaks we have to make and it’s finished. I am staying until the end of the week just in case they have a problem.” Cam said as he smiled at me. I could not miss the huge smile on his face. He was very, very happy. “That sounds fantastic.” I said returning his smile and completely ignoring my nakedness. “How about we both stay and have a bit of R&R," he continued. “Shit, that came out of the blue.” I said. I was not quite sure of what he was suggesting. I was standing there still naked and the fact I was didn’t seem to bother him. He was so proud of the work we had done and got to and EOJ without any drama. I myself had forgotten I was naked and was so happy that between us we had got a better than we had hoped for result. We had worked together brilliantly. I don’t know why but I just went to him and hugged him. He was fully clothed and I was naked. Neither of us seemed in the slightest concerned. I am more than comfortable nude at most times and this was one of them. Cam said. “Get dressed and we will go out for a slap up dinner, nothing but the best for you.” As I parted from his embrace I may have imagined it, but I thought his crutch was a bit more prominent than normal. He followed me to my bedroom, maybe things were going to happen sooner than I had hoped. He was looking at Trip Advisor on his mobile unfortunately. “What was that restaurant you told me you wanted to try? Ring and make a booking while I have a shower," he said. He left and I looked the place up and rang and we got a booking as mid week was not as hard as at the weekends. I got dressed and was feeling more than happy; Cam had seen me nude and had not made a pass apart from a wolf whistle. I had not closed my bedroom door and when he had finished in the bathroom he too walked back to his room naked and that gave me a chance to return his whistle. That was one man I would never say no to if ever I got another chance. We went out to a lovely restaurant for dinner and we chatted for hours about the project more than anything else, and he ran through a live run of the program they had run earlier that day. He informed me that the Managing Director of the company who had come down from Head Office to see the program run, and praised him for his efforts. Cam told him he could not have done it without me. They were completely unaware of my involvement as I had never visited the office and had worked from Cams apartment the whole time. Cam told me.”There will be a party on Friday night to thank us for our work. The MD was insistent that you accompany me after I mentioned I could not have done it without you” “Thank you.” I replied, feeling rather proud of myself. “To take things a bit further I have already spoken to head office and they are agreeable for you to stay and come back with me at the weekend. We have three days to kill, so let’s paint the town red.” Cam was smiling and took my hand over the table. The night progressed well and we went to a bar after dinner and there was a great combo playing and Cam and I danced into the early hours before getting a cab back to the apartment. We both were very tired and I showered and went to bed in my room...alone. The next morning I slept longer than I had done previously as our work had been completed. I actually was woken by Cam bringing me breakfast in bed. He had it on a tray and had cooked a lovely breakfast of eggs and bacon on toast etc. I was still a bit dopey and also a little surprised by his actions and sat up without thinking. I sleep naked and in sitting up exposed my breasts to him. “How beautiful.” Cam commented. ”They are as beautiful as the two fried eggs I cooked for you.” I replied “Thank you, I hope I didn’t offend you. Nudity to me is quite acceptable and natural. I regularly visit nudist beaches.” “Never!” He smiled as he put the tray on my lap. “I am more than impressed with your work, and now overwhelmed by the beauty beneath your clothing.” Cam added. I smiled and made no effort to cover myself. Cam left me to have breakfast alone. After breakfast I returned the tray to the kitchen and headed for the bathroom still completely naked. As I approached the bathroom, the door was open and he was shaving.  He too was naked. I asked. “Do you mind if I join the party?” As I entered he turned toward me and I had my first close up full frontal view of him naked. I must admit I was impressed with what I saw.  “Oh I am sorry.” He said. “I didn’t realise you were up.” “Don’t worry I have seen more naked men in my life than I have had meals.” I took the opportunity to mention it was at nudist beaches, not my bedroom. “To me you are just another naked man.” I lied as I smiled and admired the manhood he possessed. For some reason for which I still can’t understand I went to him and put my arms around him and kissed the back of his neck. The bathroom had a full length mirror and I could not help but see that what I had done. Here was a naked woman hugging the back of a naked man and he reacted as any man would, his penis began to firm. It did not rise to full height but it did extend to its most impressive length and drape down over his balls. I said. “Thank you for everything; I have really enjoyed working with you and have not enjoyed myself as much as I did last night for a long while.” He turned and looked me in the eye. “I should be thanking you, without your devotion to your work I would not have achieved the result I did. You made everything work, basically bug free. I am glad we have a couple of days that we can relax before we go home. I will have to be around just in case they have a problem today but we could go into the city and have a walk around the shops if you wish or go to the Botanical Gardens and just take in some fresh air. They can reach me on my mobile if they need me.” Cam explained. “I would love to. Shopping is not high on my priority list. My girlfriend and I do that at weekends when we have to, or the sales are on. The gardens or the beach sound perfect.” I said smiling. “Well, nature girl, I think the beach or waterfront seems like a good option. Tomorrow we can go further afield as I think if anything is going to crash it will happen in the first few hours, after that I believe we have done all we can for them. The local Program Control Crew should be able to handle any minor problems; they own the program now and have to maintain it. If anything does happen they should be able to sort it out. I don’t know that I can find a nude beach for you to display those womanly charms but we can have just as much fun with our clothes on I am sure," he replied. This sounded wonderful and he headed for the shower, his half erection had collapsed and whilst his cock was soft it retained its length. I was going to find a way and mean to see what it felt like in more ways than one before we went home. Cam soon finished his ablutions and left me to shower alone. I would not have resisted if he had offered to shower with me, but I was not disappointed either. There was plenty of time for me to show him that I was not only a good worker I could also be a good lover. I was beginning to make plans for the next couple of days and nights already. It was about an hour later we headed into the city and had a quick look at the shops and the main plaza. Then Cam suggested we hire a car and go out to the suburbs and have a look at a couple of wineries he knew of and enjoyed their wine. I was finding a side of him I had not seen before. Our relationship apart from breakfast this morning had always been professional, now I was seeing the real man behind the businessman; he was charming and a real gentleman. His life had been his work and this is why he had been so successful. I learned he had always been too busy to have a serious relationship with a woman but had a few casual affairs. I thought that’s good, I won’t be breaking up any romance there may have been in his life if I can encourage him into my bed. I was impressed with what I saw in the bathroom and I wanted to see if its performance was as good as its appearance. We were getting along brilliantly and were behaving as young lovers may. The day progressed and we found a nice restaurant under the vines in a winery for lunch. On the way back to the car he took my hand and held it until we reached the car. As he did we just looked at each other and smiled. I wondered if he was planning the same thing as I was. We got back to the apartment and there was one message on the answer-phone. He hadn't redirected it to his mobile. A quick call was all that was needed as the problem had been identified and fixed by the local guys. He was happy and so were they. We decided on another night out and a light meal and some more dancing. We both repeated our previous day’s experience of not dressing indoors as we completed our ablutions. The evening went even better than the previous one and we were becoming very close in more ways than one. We held hands a lot and cuddled into each other as we danced and there were some nice little pecks on the lips but I did not allow them to become passionate. I knew if I had become passionate I might spoil what I had planned for later. Maybe my perfume was working again. When we walked from the car to the apartment it was in silence. We both knew that we both wanted to say something to each other but were waiting for the right moment. Once we were inside and the door closed, I broke the ice. I took his hand and asked. “Would you like me to sleep with you tonight?” My voice was calm and controlled. My insides were anything but. It wasn't the way I had planned to ask him, it just came straight out. “Oh my God, we have been working together for too long; you can read my mind as well,” he exclaimed. We kissed passionately for the first time. As we kissed we both moved toward his bedroom slowly and seductively undressed each other. The first things to be removed were our shoes. The last thing to be removed was his underpants and it was not hard to see they were covering a magnificent erection. I slid down his body and as I went I caught the band of his underpants and pulled them down as I went. By then my head was level with his beautiful hard and slightly upwardly curved cock. I could see it had begun to extrude some of that lovely tasty and clear pre-cum. I licked that away and then did what every man likes when a woman sucks on his cock. I didn't hesitate and put my mouth right over the head of his magnificent manhood. His little soldier was standing to attention awaiting further orders or developments. “Ohhh shit.” he moaned. My lips were now caressing the head of his cock and then down the firm shaft, covered in that beautiful silky skin each man has. I put my fingers around it and felt its firmness and then stroked him in unison with the way I was slowly slipping my lips up and down on his beautiful firm tasty cock. He was in heaven and so was I. His hands gently held my head but he did not direct my movements. His cock felt so wonderful in my mouth. Slowly and deliberately I began to perform my worship upon the most wonderful and interesting part of his body. I was rimming the head with my tongue. I sucked on the firm thick purple head of it while holding the shaft of it in my hand and applying a light pressure around the whole circumference of it. If he was enjoying what I was doing I was getting even more pleasure from it. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was just amazing. From the first time I did this to a boy until now, the pleasure has never left me. The only time I have refused to perform oral sex on a man is when he was uncircumcised, dirty and it smelled of smeg. It has happened a few times and more to his disappointment than mine as I refused to touch it. Cam was circumcised and his cock perfect in every way – so far. Slowly we both began to really enjoy my performance of oral sex upon him. Not a word had been spoken by either of us apart from the occasion moan of satisfaction when I have given him something special. I had been performing my ritual upon him for about five minutes and I saw his knees bend. It was a sure sign he was close to ejaculating. I took his soft ball sac in my hand and gently fondled his egg shaped testicles with my fingers. As his arousal began to peak he started to pull back and I looked up into his eyes and shook my head. I was not going to waste all the effort I had made to enjoy the taste of his milky white, juicy and tasty semen he was about to release. .  Our eyes met and he his head went back...his knees bent... and he held my head to steady himself. Then he let loose with his first spurt of his warm, tasty salty semen. I was in heaven; I held the mouthful of his cum for a few seconds tasting his nectar before I swallowed what he had given me. He continued to provide me with his manly nectar from his wonderful prostate and testicles, through his cock and then into my mouth. It was amazing and one of the most enjoyable moments I had enjoyed for quite a while. After I had sucked and milked him dry and ensured he had nothing more to give me, I let his now softening cock slip from between my lips. I stood up and without thinking I kissed him open mouthed and my tongue half way down his throat. I had one arm around his neck and the other hand squeezing his cock. He could not move and I ensured that he knew I was more than happy with what I had just achieved. After a minute or so we broke the embrace and he licked his lips. “Do you realise that is the first time any woman has done that to me and then kissed me.” Cam sighed. “I have never had that happen before. I have learned something. That’s why some women doesn't like the taste of a man when he cums. Not every girl that has done that has done what you did and kissed me afterwards. My only girl friend who wou
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ld take my cum into her mouth would go to the bathroom immediately afterwards and rinse her mouth out. I have never tasted what the girl has tasted before,” he explained. I told him, “The first time I had a bit of a problem getting used to the way it ejaculated and the taste, and I gagged. I soon learned it is unflattering to the man not to swallow his cum. I have always swallowed it since I have an acquired taste for it. “ “How could I be offended with a woman who has just performed the most wonderful experience I have ever had doing that. Coding is not the only thing you excel at believe me,” he said smiling at me. I was so happy he was not offended by me kissing him afterwards. I went to his bed which he had made up before leaving the apartment that morning. I have found many unmade beds in men’s bedrooms than made up ones when I have been invited back to his bedroom.I pulled the covers down to reveal the sheets. I didn't say anything but there was evidence I recognised of a dry stain on the sheet. He had been masturbating. I now hoped he was thinking of me and what we were about to do, when he did it to himself. I lay down and he came and sat on the edge of the bed. His hand found its way to one of my breasts and he played with the nipple, and I loved it. We talked for a minute and we discussed the fact we were both experienced and I was taking the pill.. “Have you done this often?” he asked me. “Yes many times, not so much lately with a man, as I also have a girlfriend. I am bi sexual and I hope you don’t mind?” I explained. “Not when you just did what we did so brilliantly," he said smiling at me. And you? I asked. “I have had a few experiences, mainly in my University years. Some of the girls there always expected we would end the night in a bed somewhere. I have never had a serious affair though," he told me. “Now tell me about yourself?” je asked. I replied, “This is the most serious of my affairs and I hope you don’t mind. Over the last few months I have begun to have feelings for you that I was finding hard to control. I have wanted to do what we are doing tonight for weeks and never been game to make a move as we were both so engrossed in the work we were doing. It didn't stop me from having feelings about him though."I can’t say I planned for this to happen the way it has, but I had been thinking about how I could attract you into bed before, and waiting for an opportunity that you could not refuse."  This was an opportunity I could not believe. Yesterday when I was sleeping and doing something that I think you may have done – from the stains on this sheet - I was planning to make that move before we left. Now we have a few days to ourselves, what better time to put my thoughts into action, I concluded. “I have to admit I was beginning to like you and the invitation to dinner the other night was to try and see how you might react to me propositioning you. We have worked so closely and so well together I had hoped it would have ended up as intimately as it has. Like you I believed there was no rush and today was the day I had planned to spring it upon you but you have beaten me to the punch.” Cam admitted. “Now I think it might be a good time to continue our seduction of each other. You made the move last time now it’s my turn," he said. He lay down next to me and the smell of the man in him really was turning me on. I wanted him inside me sooner than later. I wanted to see if he could perform better than my last attempt at seducing a fellow employee. We kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes and his finger soon found my well of happiness which was quite full of the things one finds in wells. He was about to slip a pump into it and make the waters flow. There were no words spoken or needed, he rolled over and got on top of me and I prepared for him to enter me. I pulled my legs back and he positioned himself and as I looked down I could see that beautiful curved cock at full height and length ready to penetrate my body in the way I want a man to fulfil my wishes. There were no words spoken, we had both been intimate before, although not with each other, so it was not something we had not experienced. He took his cock in his hand and guided it toward my eagerly waiting vagina. With his other hand he used his fingers to spread my lips, which gave me a slight tingle of anticipation. I was looking down over my body watching every movement as his penis opened my heavenly gates. This is one thing I really love to watch and feel. I watched as his cock head pressing against my lips...then he pressed forward. As I looked down and he had his head down watching as he guided his cock into my waiting body. Now I could feel his cock head parting the walls of my vagina and filling my moist cavern of sexual pleasure. He kept pressing his cock further and further into me filling me in the way I love to be filled He kept pressing until he had the entire seven inches of thick hard cock inside me and his balls pressing against my body. I could feel the lips of my vulva firmly wrapped around the base of his cock. I had been in this situation many times but for some reason this felt amazing. He looked up into my eyes and with a smile only; I let him know how much I was enjoying what we were doing. I was giving my body to him to pleasure as he saw fit and to take his pleasure from me. As we maintained the eye contact he lifted his ass and withdrew his cock from within me to where only the head of his cock remained... then slowly thrust it back down deep into me again. I pursed my lips as if to kiss him and let him know I loved what we were doing. He smiled and said.“I am so happy for us both. I would never have believed so many good things could happen to me in two days. First we made that program work ... the two of us. Now I am making love as I have never made love before,to a woman I have fallen in love with.”  I put my arms up and drew his head to me and we kissed. It was probably the most passionate kiss I have ever had. He lowered his body to mine and we were as one. Our bodies were joined and pressed against each other from top to bottom in the most sensual way. His chest was pressing against my breasts and the hair on his chest was sort of ticking my highly aroused and hardened nipples. The both of us knew that what we were doing was making love as they must make love in heaven. Our lips and tongues caressed each other’s mouth as his penis and my vagina combined to make the most sensual union I have ever felt. I have fucked and been fucked more than a few times but this was making love as I have never experienced before. I remember my first experience as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, and it was every bit as wonderful. I will always remember this occasion as it too is a highlight of my love life. I had not felt like I was feeling with any man or woman before. We kissed for ages and it was only because I was becoming breathless that I had to end the pleasure of that kiss. A kiss to me can be as erotic as intercourse, providing it is done sensually and with feeling, as is intercourse. As soon as we had ended our passionate kiss he lifted his body above me and began to slowly and manfully arouse my body to a state I had rarely felt before. I lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders exposing myself completely for him to enjoy by withdrawing and thrusting his rock hard cock back and forth within me. I was feeling and enjoying his every stroke. I could tell from the look on his face that he too was getting a little more pleasure from my body that I had seen men have before. I asked him. “Is it as good as it appears to be?” “I have had sex before but never like this. I believed I was in love with another woman once but she went overseas for a holiday and never returned having found another love in her travels.” He continued to thrust his cock back and forth inside me. “I was heartbroken as we had not long consummated our partnership because she told me she wanted something to come back for. I believed we may have ended up becoming engaged.’” He was now working to a regular rhythm. “She had been a virgin, it had been her first experience and it was wonderful for her. She had saved herself until she was twenty one and had not had an intimate relationship with a man previously. I felt flattered that she finally succumbed and it was with me.""How about you?” he asked. I began to tell him. “I was still a teenager and I wanted to be like all my friends and do what they all did. I was one of the last girls in our group to lose my virginity.""I must admit my first experience was a good one and he was experienced and much older than me.""I believed foolishly that he loved me but I soon realised that a twenty six year old man does not keep company with a seventeen year old girl for any reason other than to have sex.""I was more than willing to have sex with him, even though he never took me on dates. He would pick me up in his car and we would go and have sex somewhere. My girlfriends all advised me to drop him as he had another older woman and he was using me for one thing... sex. I soon realised they were right. I had learned my lesson.""After that I waited until I was at university and had a couple of boyfriends there and it was the done thing to sleep with whoever you were with.""It was fun sex and nothing serious. Weekend nude boozy parties at some of their parent’s beach houses etc were regular events.” I stopped talking long enough to adjust my bum under him. “Then I applied for a trainee position in the company to gain experience. It was a condition of the Uni course I was doing that you engaged in part time work in the industry. As you realise I was employed in the company during my university years and gained some wonderful experience.""I was living with a girlfriend I met at University and we became lovers, bisexual not lesbian as we both enjoyed having men in our beds as well as each other.""Now we live apart we often sleep together and make love together, and have done so for a couple of years as well as having boyfriends. It is an amazing experience.” I had now finished my long explanation and during that time his cock never missed a stroke. “Have you ever dated anybody in the company?" he asked. True confession time is it?” I questioned. “Only if you want to?” he added maintaining his rhythm. “I have had a couple of approaches from guys in the company to go on dates and have accepted a couple. I have never believed.... until yesterday; that office romances work. However I have had one disastrous experience.” I admitted. “Anybody I know?” he asked. "Well nobody that I am going to tell you about. I made a fool of myself and it was a disaster. I have never mentioned it to anybody.” I added. “I bet it was Jake; he is a real sad case at the moment as you are probably aware.” Cam said softly. “I am...believe me.” I said softly. I continued, “Let’s not discuss unhappy events; I am enjoying this more than I have ever enjoyed making love to a man ever before.” “Or a woman?” he asked. “Making love to a woman is completely different. Yes I enjoy my time with her. Have you ever had sex with another man?” I questioned. “Never a man, but as boys we did play with each other and masturbate together in the locker rooms but nothing serious. After school I went off to university and left home and here I am in the arms of the most beautiful woman I have ever met.” Cam looked down at me and smiled. His face told me he was really enjoying what we were both doing...and enjoying. “Do you mean that?” I asked. “Marry me." he said. “I will.” Then I replied. “So let’s have our honeymoon here and now,” as I laughed. For the next half an hour we had fun and sex all at the same time. It was interesting as we discussed the way we felt while he doggied me. It had been his first time in that position. I then took control and went cowgirl on top of him. We were two adults having fun and enjoying a sexual relationship.  We changed positions a few more times and neither of us came during the time we were together. If we felt something beginning to stir, we changed positions or just rested until we were ready to continue. It was possibly the longest fuck I have ever had without cumming. It was on my second cowgirl and he was playing with my breasts as I fucked him I was getting his cock to work wonders inside me and on my clit. I sang out. “I am going to cum. Oh God. Oh God.” I moaned. Then I concentrated on making sure when I actually achieved my orgasm it was going to be one of my best. Having been fucking for half an hour I was well and truly worked up. My whole body was overwhelmed by the sensation inside me and reacting to the stimulation of my clitoris. I was so engrossed in my pleasure that I hadn’t realise until I felt the warmth and added moisture inside me that he was cumming at the same time. I had achieved my climax and was still enjoying the sensual pleasures. As soon as I realised we were cumming together I fell forward and held him tightly to me as he continued to fill my pussy with his man milk. I bit his shoulder and used my vaginal muscles to squeeze and milk his cock. I heard him moan softly. I had never felt so good before being ejaculated into. I was protected from pregnancy but it really felt like I was making a baby with him, the sensation was unlike anything I had experience before. As soon as we could we kissed again, this time every bit as passionately as before only this time our orgasms had driven us to a new height of lust and pleasure. Again we were locked together at both ends and our hot and sweaty bodies slipping and sliding over each other and this time I was on top. It was only a few moments and I felt like I wanted to cum again and I began to wriggle his now wilting cock inside me. My clitoris was positioned right on his cock it didn’t take me more than a few seconds to work myself off again and I had a second orgasm within a minute. It was amazing. He could do nothing more and just let me have my way with him and his cock was still firm enough for me to achieve my desires. Then after another long kiss his now soft cock slipped out of me. Before I could do anything he said. “Come up here. Kneel over me. I have wanted to do this with a girl so many times but have never achieved it." Having been with a woman many times I knew exactly what he was asking. I did as he wanted without a word and his mouth soon covered my vagina and I could feel his tongue searching for my slit. I raised myself to a position that he could achieve his desire and I could feel the touch of his mouth and tongue on me. I made it easy for him to enjoy what he had been seeking. I knew all about having this done to me as my girlfriend Rosemary was an expert, and after a suggestion or two he was providing me with something we were both enjoying. For him it was a virginal experience... For me it was giving him a lesson in providing a woman with something special. He soon began to enjoy the exquisite taste of the love juices we had manufactured together. He was obviously having no problems doing what he was. After a few minutes he stopped long enough to ask. “Can you cum again? I have never seen a girl cum doing it like this before.” I replied, “Is the Pope a Catholic.” and nothing more was said, I repositioned myself and he went to work on me and I began to tweak my nipples which arouses me and within a minute or two it was happening. I was cumming again, my third orgasm in less than ten minutes. I made sure that he was more than happy achieving his ambition. I adjusted my position so I was completely exposed for him as he bathed and licked my lips and clit with his mouth and tongue which was now covered in my latest product of sensual pleasure. When he was completely satisfied I lifted myself off him and lay beside him and we kissed again. This time his mouth was covered in a sloppy mixture of cum and pussy juice. I hoped this might be the first of many I would have with Cam in future. We lay for a while before he said. “I think I need a shower. I am covered in our delightful mess.” I replied, “I think I will join you. Do you mind?” I took his hand and led him to the bathroom. We showered together and kissed frequently as we did. After we showered he dried me off as I dried my hair with another towel. He said, “Do you think I was serious when we were making love?” “I hope so...I was.” I replied He didn't reply but just picked me up and carried me to the bed and we began to make love again. We spent age’s just making love so many times. I was amazed that he could get his erection back after each time. I helped occasionally by taking his limp cock into my mouth and within a minute or two he was ready to go again. We both had the taste of our love juices in our mouth for the remainder of the evening. I got it off his cock after he had cum inside me and he got it from me the same way he had earlier. We achieved 69 more times than I could ever remember. Practice made perfect. After hours of lovemaking we were both too tired to shower again so we just cuddled up and went to sleep in each other arms. I woke during the night a couple of times and at one stage really felt like a pee so I went to the bathroom and did what I needed to and washed my pubic hair patch as it was thick with our dried cum. I gently got back into bed trying not to wake him. “Do you want it again?” he asked. “Not now... later.” I said quietly and he rolled over and went back to sleep I cuddled into his back and was soon asleep myself. In the morning I was awoken by the smell of bacon cooking. He had woken, showered and was cooking breakfast without me waking. I got up and we had breakfast in the nude and it felt awesome. After that we had cleaned up the kitchen dishes I wasn't concentrating and he said. “Could you take the bone out of this?” I turned to see his cock fully erect curved up and to the left and ready to do what it does perfectly. Without a word I ran back to the bedroom and hopped onto the bed and got down on all fours. I wanted it doggy as I like it like that. He got up with me and slapped the cheek of my ass. “I said now the other one.” He then slapped the other cheek and then I felt his cool hands on my now warm cheeks and then his beautiful cock head between the cheeks of my ass and heading toward my asshole. “God you want to fuck me that way?” I asked. “Do you mind? I have never done it to a girl like this and you ass looks so inviting.” “If you want to then you will need to lubricate me – I don’t like it going in dry. It hurts.” He said. “Don’t move.” Then he left the bedroom and came back with a dish of butter. “Shit are you going to use that?” I asked. “I saw Marlon Brando use butter in a movie once so I thought if it’s good enough for him it must be good enough for you. It might be better than your face cream. ” He laughed. I laughed with him. I vaguely remembered the name Marlon Brando as a film star. I don’t think I had ever seen a movie with him in it.I said.  “I have only done this twice before and we used KY; this is something else.” He spread the butter around my ass hole and over his cock. This was unique for me. He then got his cock and positioned it between the cheeks of my ass. Then he gently guided it and pressed it into my asshole. I pushed back a little to help ease it through my small brown button hole. The butter was a good lubricant and it smelled nice too. I felt him going in, I can’t say it felt pleasant but it felt better than my first experience. That really hurt. I am not sure if it was the thickness of his cock or I am a little more relaxed knowing what I am doing. Previously I was doing it to please the guy. This time I wanted it. Once he got the head of his cock in he began to stroke me but didn't use the full length of his cock. It was only in about an inch or two of the shaft beyond the head of it. It was not the most pleasant of experiences however it wasn't hurting and I was far more relaxed and happier than I had been previously. We fucked in silence for a few minutes. “Please don’t cum in me in there I don’t like that... I don’t like that at all. One guy did and I was not happy.” I pleaded. “OK I will pull out before then but when you feel it coming out you will know I am about to spurt. Is it ok if I cum over your ass but not in it?” He asked. “Just make sure you get it out in time. I know what men are like when they promise to get it out before they cum...Most don’t.” I added. As he fucked my ass and I can’t say it turned me on. I fingered my clit but that didn’t make it feel any better. Then he said, “You are not enjoying this are you? I replied, “It’s not doing much for me but it’s not hurting so take your time.” “No it’s not as good as I imagined so I will stop now and pull out. I am not even close to feeling like I am going to cum.” He said. With that I felt his cock pull back and I must say it was a relief for me to feel it come out of me. He got down off the bed and said, “Stay there I will clean you up after I have washed myself.” He came back with a warm wet cloth and wiped and cleaned the butter off my ass. It felt nice with him doing that for me. Then I said, “Why don’t you see if it’s any better in my other place? “ I was still on my all fours . “Roll over and let me get at that tasty muffin you have down there. I just love it.” He asked. I rolled over and spread my legs and he was down between them in no time. His mouth was over my vagina. After a few seconds he told me, “It tastes and smells nice down here... it must be the butter.” He then began to work on me orally and it felt awesome, he was very good at fucking and every bit as good giving me oral.  After a few minutes I said, “Come up here and we can do a sixty nine if you like.” I wanted to be on top so we positioned ourselves and then proceeded to pleasure each other in the only way possible like that. It was wonderful and I was enjoying this as much with Cam as I do with any girl. It only took me a couple of minutes and I had another orgasm.  I really enjoyed what he was doing to me and really made it good for both of us. He took my juices and I could feel him licking them away as they leaked out of me. I don’t have to stop when I cum and can keep going and then try for another one. I worked on him and it wasn't long before he came as well. I did not waste a drop of his precious cum and swallowed every drop of it with relish. We had both enjoyed an hour of beautiful morning of sex together. We both lay together on the bed saying nothing but silently savouring the pleasures we had just shared with each other. I had just committed myself to marrying him during a passionate sexual encounter. I don’t know if he really believes it or not. I will be disappointed if not. I will leave it to him to raise the matter now. “Let’s get dressed and have the day out and come back here after dinner for some more of the same.” He suggested. “I can think of nothing better.” I replied With that we both got up, dressed and we spent the day together. We had a great day out and a returned home to prepare for a lovely dinner in a romantic restaurant. It was over that meal he took my hand, smiled and looked into my eyes. “I am so happy you and I are going to be together for years to come.” His smile was worth a million dollars. “Me too.” There was nothing else I could say as I choked up, and a tear came to my eyes. I was so relieved, he really meant it, and so did I. For the rest of the time at the dinner table we both discussed how we may live together in future in view of what had already transpired between us. One of my main concerns was my relationship with Rosemary.All these things I am sure will work themselves out. Our party with the Managing Director and a few of the executives’ from the company was nice. The only embarrassing question I was asked was the MD’s personal assistant. “You and Cam seem to work together well. Have you known him long? I smiled and said. “Long enough.” If she only knew. I hoped she wasn't going to make a play for him. We went home together and after another wonderful night of sex with him we flew home. On the way I asked if I could move in with him, and see what happens. He looked at me smiled and nodded. As he squeezed my hand I read that as a yes. I could not believe my luck. Then that will be another story.

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