Anal with a good cock lady fucked with lover's passion

Anal with a good cock lady fucked with lover's passion

Andrew first saw her when she moved to his school to do her “A”-levels, and almost immediately she became his secret obsession. Her name was Emily, and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. He used to watch her during break while she chatted with her friends. But he was far too shy to speak to her and, as far as he knew, she never even knew he existed. He’d go home and masturbate in his bedroom, his mind full of imaginary images of Emily without any clothes on, before shooting his teenage cum into a tissue which he then flushed guiltily down the loo.As the months went on, he became ever more obsessed by her, to a decidedly unhealthy degree. He ended up pretty much stalking her, following her home and spying on her through her bedroom window at night. Her family lived in a bungalow, so her room was on the ground floor, and sometimes she’d fail to pull the curtains across properly. Then he used to creep into the garden and stand where he could see her undressing, his dick in his hand, lusting after every glimpse of her little bare breasts and pink nipples, or even her neatly trimmed bush. He even caught her masturbating on her bed once or twice, at first with her fingers, and then with a dildo she’d got hold of from somewhere. He’d get out his dick and masturbate too, shooting his load onto the grass while Emily writhed on her bed. He dreamt that it was him she was thinking of as she climaxed, her toes curling, but he knew in his heart that he was kidding himself.He couldn’t believe it when he looked at the notice-board after the exam results came out, and saw that she was going to Nottingham University, the same as him. He meant to pluck up courage and mention it to her, but then she went off to America over the summer with her family, and he’d missed his chance. When she came back, she seemed sexier than ever, her eyes brighter, her breasts perkier, and generally full of an extra confidence that made him even more scared to speak to her. As far as he was concerned, she went away as a pretty girl, and came back as a goddess, even more unattainable than before.To start with, things didn’t get any better at Nottingham. They were in different residential accommodation blocks on the campus, but not too far apart. He was in Lenton Hall while she was in Cavendish, and it wasn’t too difficult to ask around and find out which was her room. It was on the second floor, but there was a big old tree right outside. It was almost too easy. He would hang around in the evening and wait until her light went on, then scramble up the tree, hide among the branches, and watch her through the window. She never drew the curtains. Maybe she thought it didn’t matter, being above the ground floor.Sometimes she’d just be working, or chatting on her phone, but every now and then she’d bring a guy up to her home, and they’d make out. Often she’d just suck his penis, but on a good night they’d go all the way and fuck on the bed. Andrew, meanwhile, would predictably jerk off in the tree, his semen looping into the air and splattering on the grass below. His obsession with Emily grew more and more intense. There were several girls who’d come on to him, and who he could have fucked if he’d wanted, but it was Emily he desired with all his being.As far as he could tell, she just fucked random guys, a different one each time, but then one evening Andrew recognised with surprise that the man she was with was a friend of his called Jason. And Emily and Jason had a really great time together. Andrew was forced to watch as Emily dug into his friend’s jeans and pulled out an enormous cock that reared up at a good 45 degrees when it was erect. Jason sat on the end of the bed with it sticking out, and Emily went down and gave him a blow-job. She deep-throated every inch of it, before Jason ejaculated over her face. Then Emily used his dick to wipe the cum off her face, before sucking him clean. Jason never even got soft before he turned her round on her hands and knees on the bed and fucked her doggy-style from behind, Emily’s boobs swinging around as he thrust into her.To make matters worse, he bumped into Jason the next day in the bar, and his friend insisted on showing him the pictures he’d taken on his phone of the “hot chick” he’d scored with the night before. Andrew was forced to look at a whole series of shots of “his” girl: Emily with Jason’s dick deep in her mouth, looking up with those gorgeous brown eyes: Emily holding Jason’s shiny wet dick, smiling cheekily: Emily’s face, coated in Jason’s cum: Jason’s massive dick actually in her cunt, slick with her juices: and finally Emily naked on the bed, legs spread, cum dripping from her cunt.Andrew could feel his dick getting hard in his trousers. He’d dreamt so many times of fucking Emily, and now Jason had beaten him to it, nerdy Jason who was studying computer science but who turned out to have a really big dick.It was probably this that gave him the impetus to finally do something about it. He made up his mind; it was his turn next. He was fed up of being the voyeur, always watching but never getting. He wanted to actually touch Emily’s naked body. He wanted to stick his dick in her, and spurt his cum into her and onto her and down her throat. She had been a fantasy for too long. It was time to get real at last.Andrew knew if he didn’t go that very evening, he’d chicken out as usual and never do it. He went over to Emily’s hall, but instead of climbing his usual tree he went round to the front entrance. Another girl was coming out, so he slipped in behind her before the door clicked shut. He’d never actually been to Emily’s room but he could work out roughly which corridor it must be on, and luckily when he got there it had a handwritten name plate on it. “Emily Jameson”, with a little heart after it.This was it. Andrew took a deep breath, and put his hand up to knock, but as he did so the door swung open slightly. She hadn’t even shut it properly. He pushed it open, peering down the passageway past the bathroom. He could see the bed.And Emily on it.Naked.Her legs were spread and she was rubbing her clitoris gently while looking at something on her laptop, blissfully unaware that she was being observed.Andrew’s heart began to pound. He knew he should just slip out again and knock loudly on the door, giving her time to pull on some clothes, but seeing her so close, so exposed, was the culmination of all his fantasies. Then he saw her reach over and pick up something from the bed. It was a bright pink dildo, a big one, long and flexible. He’d never seen her use one before, so maybe it was new. His own penis was rock hard in his trousers as he watched her pick up her toy. She licked it, just like the dicks he’d seen her suck, slipping it into her mouth, sucking on it, getting it wet.Then she slowly pushed it into her mouth, tipping her head back to let it slip down her throat. He could see her upper body jerk slightly as her gag reflex kicked in, trying to stop the huge rubbery dildo from going any further. But she seemed determined to keep going, and slowly he watched the dildo disappear, inch after inch. He could see the bulge of the tip in her throat, like a huge Adam’s apple. At last she could take it no deeper, and slowly removed it, wet with her saliva. Gasping slightly, she brought it down to her tits and rubbed it over her little pink nipples, circling it around them, leaving little moist trails. She tweaked them with her fingers, making them stick up with arousal.Andrew wondered who or what she was thinking about. He was transfixed, forgetting for a moment that he was in a girl’s room, spying on her masturbating. His dick was rock hard, but he resisted the temptation to touch it. Tonight, it would be her who took it out of his trousers, put it in her mouth, put it in her cunt. He watched as she positioned the dildo between her legs, the tip against the entrance to her hole, then slowly pushed it in. It seemed to slip in without any effort, lubricated both by her saliva and the internal secretions of her vagina. She began to pump it in and out with one hand, while the other kneaded her firm but soft breasts. She was moaning with every thrust, louder and louder, lost in her pleasure.It was now or never. Andrew stepped forward into the room.“Em … Emily…”When she heard him say her name, she sat up on the bed, wrapping her arms around herself. Then she remembered the dildo still sticking out of her, and pulled it free with a slurp.“What the fuck? Get the hell out of here, you fucking pervert! I‘ll scream.”Andrew blurted out the first nonsense that came into his head. “Emily, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t wait. You’re the most amazingly beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life and I want you so much.”“Andrew? For fuck’s sake…”That surprised him – how did she even know his name? She didn’t even know he existed.“Please, listen,” he gabbled on. “I’ve been watching you for months. I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. I’ve watched you through your bedroom window at night, doing what you were doing now. And other stuff. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just had to. I’ve dreamed of just talking to you. I’ve…”“Andrew, just stop. I get it.” She actually smiled. “It all makes sense now.”“You what?”“You fancy me. That’s sweet. And cool. I don’t mind, really I don’t. I’ve seen you looking at me, and I think you’re pretty hot actually. I just never said anything because you didn’t speak to me first.”This was all beginning to seem like a dream. Did she really just say all of that? She didn’t mind? She thought he was “hot”?“So let me get this straight,” he mumbled. “You never came up to me and talked to me because you were waiting for me to make the first move?”“Sure. I like my men to make the first move.”She slipped off the bed and walked across to him, stark bollock naked. His eyes flicked between her face, her round firm breasts, and the smooth bulge of her hairless pubic mound. She stood in front of him, and raised an eyebrow.Andrew reached out his hand and put it on her arm. It was the first time he had ever touched her. Her skin was even better than he’d imagined, so warm and smooth, with just a few pale downy hairs. He ran his hand up her arm, then laid it nervously on her bare breast. The soft flesh gave slightly und
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er his touch. His fingers brushed over the pink bud of her nipple, and he felt it instantly go hard, the areola dimpling. Emily let out a little purr under her breath.“It looks like you finally made the first move, Andrew. I like that. It turns me on so much.”She leant over and breathed into his ear, then nibbled at his ear-lobe. It made his spine tingle. He could feel his penis getting even harder, if that were possible. He put his arm around her and pulled her towards him, her bare breasts pressing against his chest.He could hear her voice in his ear, soft and teasing. “What would you like to do to me, Andrew? You’ve waited so long for this. I think your patience should be rewarded. Tell me what you want.” She kissed his ear and gave it a sensual little lick. Her hand tickled up his arm.He could hardly get the words out. “I want to fuck you. Please let me fuck you.”At that, she put her hand behind his head, pulled his face down towards hers, and placed her soft lips on his. She then gave him the most passionate, sensuous, deepest kiss he had ever received in his whole life. Every second of it seemed intensified by his lust for her. He could feel her lips sliding across his, her tongue on his bottom lip. He reciprocated, giving her bottom lip a gentle nibble and tugged on it, before sucking it into his mouth.“Then fuck me,” she said, pulling away and starting to drag his t-shirt up and off over his head.“Hang on,” he said, and moved over to the window, ready to draw the curtains. But she stopped him.“Oh no, you don’t,” she said. “Someone might be watching. And I want them to see exactly what I’m going to do to you. I love to be watched.”He wasted no more time. He put his hands on her breasts and began to massage them gently.“Do you like my tits, Andrew?” purred Emily. “I like the way you touch them.”He pinched her hard pink nipples, twisting them in his fingertips. She let out a little squeak of pleasure. He bent forward, and sucked one of the little buds into his mouth, flicking his tongue all around it at the same time. He could feel her hands stroking his firm abs, then down to the top of his jeans. Her hands ran over the bulging package that was still restrained by his jeans and boxers. It was his turn to moan as her fingers stroked the curve of his hard penis.Her fingers deftly undid his belt, then the button at the top of his fly. Finally, he heard the sound of the zip being pulled down. Without further hesitation she dragged his jeans and boxers down, releasing his rock-hard dick. With his jeans and underwear bundled round his ankles, Emily pushed him with a giggle towards the bed. He half fell onto it, as she pulled at his trainers and socks.“Let’s get you naked too,” she smiled, kneeling on the floor as she dragging his jeans and boxers down his legs and chucking them into the corner. For a moment she looked at his dick as it reared up out of the unruly mass of his dark pubic hair. Then she leant forward and took it in her hands.“Oh, you’re a big boy,” she whispered with a smile. She stroked it up and down, pulling down his foreskin to expose the round shiny helmet, already glistening with a few droplets of pre-cum. Andrew offered up silent thanks for the fact that he’d had a shower before he came out, and had made sure his penis was properly clean. How awful would it have been to have ruined the moment by revealing a layer of smegma round the rim of his helmet?Emily rubbed his cock up and down several times, squeezing it gently. Then she leant over, opened her mouth, and consumed the head of his dick. He could feel her tongue flicking around his knob inside her mouth. It felt wonderful. He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her forward so his entire shaft slid past her lips and into her warm wet mouth. He could feel the tip reach the hole at the top of her throat. And then, oh joy, she eased him further in, taking his whole length as the tip disappeared right down her throat. Her face was buried in his hairy crotch and he could feel her lips sucking at the base of his dick. All that practice with the dildo had clearly paid off, as she wasn’t gagging at all.Amazing as this felt, Andrew didn’t want to waste his cum by spilling it all down her throat. It was his dream to shoot his whole load over her gorgeous tits, but first he wanted to fuck her. Slowly, he pulled her head back so his dick emerged inch by inch from her mouth, then pulled her up and rolled her onto the bed.She lay there smiling while he took hold of her legs and pulled them up and apart, exposing her juicy pink pussy. It was glistening with her own secretions, and Andrew leant forward and ran his tongue up the entire length of her sweet slit. Her body gave a little jerk as he reached the tight hard bud of her clitoris, and he flicked his tongue back and forth over it. Teasing her, he slid his tongue back down her slit, pushing it between the tight folds of her labia. They parted round his tongue, letting it enter her vagina, and he felt a little squirt of fresh juices in his mouth. Licking round the soft spongy inside to hoover up every drop, he came up and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Their tongues met, swirling around as she tasted her own juices from his mouth.“Do you like how your pussy tastes?” he asked.“I do. I want more. But I want it off your prick next time. You can do my clit again later as well. But fuck me first.”How could he refuse a lady what she wanted? He positioned himself between her spread legs and held his erect penis in his hand. Teasing her, he rubbed the tip up and down her slit, getting it sticky with her juices, then rubbed it against her clitoris. She loved that, moaning and arching her back. At last, he placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy, savouring the moment he had longed for. Her lips parted as he slowly eased it in, watching them fold round his shaft as she took him inside her. He pulled half out again, his dick now slick with her secretions, then back again, deeper this time. She was so tight and so wet. He felt her clench her vaginal muscles around his dick as he began to rhythmically fuck her, pushing his dick in as far as it would go with each stroke.She began to gasp and moan with pleasure. “Oh my God, Andrew, that’s it. Fuck me harder now. That’s so good, oh yes, so good.”Harder and faster and deeper he fucked her. “My cock’s in Emily’s cunt,” he thought, “Emily’s cunt, Emily’s cunt, Emily’s cunt,” in time with his thrusts. Her body was glistening with perspiration as she rocked on the bed, the frame creaking with each thrust. It crossed Andrew’s mind that he hadn’t shut the door properly, and anyone passing by in the corridor could peer in and see them fucking. This thought excited him even more, and he reached over and squeezed roughly one of Emily’s little tits.“Oh fuck yes,” she gasped. She was rubbing at the hard button of her clit. He remembered what she’d said earlier, and pulled out, his erect dick dripping with her juices.“Taste it now,” he ordered, and she took his dick back into her mouth, licking and sucking at her own cunt juices.“I love how I taste,” she said with a smile, letting his dick slip out of her mouth. “Now fuck me like this.”She rolled over onto her hands and knees and stuck her bum up in the air, her pink slit gaping, white frothed-up juices all round her labia. He took hold of her cheeks and shoved his dick back into her from behind, taking her doggy-style, just as Jason had done the night before. He slapped her firm bum and made it jiggle as he pumped her, going even deeper in this position, his balls slapping against her thighs. Emily was moaning even louder now, letting herself go as her fingers strummed at her clit.“Oh fuck me, fuck me, oh yes, that’s good,” she gasped. He leant over and kissed the curve of her back, tasting her salty sweat, smelling her sweet body. Reaching under, he found a hard nipple and rolled it between his fingers. He wanting this to go on forever, but he could feel his climax starting to approach.“I’m going to come,” he whispered.“Do it on me, babe. On my body. My tits,” she gasped as she rubbed harder at her clit.He pulled out, she rolled over onto her back, and he rubbed quickly at the sensitive spot under his cock-helmet. He could feel the moment approaching.“Ah fuck,” he cried out, as his cum surged up his shaft and exploded out of the end. Ropes of hot thick semen looped through the air and splattered over Emily’s naked body. The first rope spread right across the left breast, neatly coating the nipple, while the second went even further, hitting her cheek and going into her hair. More white strings spread themselves over her flat tummy and across her arm as she pressed her palm against her clitoris, reaching her own leg-kicking, toe-curling orgasm perfectly in time with his.As the last drips fell from the tip of his dick, Emily sighed. Using her fingers, she scooped up some of his cum from her body and put them in her mouth, sucking them clean. Then she pulled Andrew down onto her and kissed him, letting his own cum slide from her tongue into his mouth. Tasting his own salty ejaculate was a new sensation for Andrew, and it turned him on more than he wanted to admit. He licked at her nipple, cleaning off more of his cum, showed her the thick goo in his mouth, then let it slide down his throat.“Oh babe, that’s so dirty,” purred Emily. “You must like cum almost as much as me.”Andrew lay down on the bed next to her, his dick starting to wilt slightly. He stroked her cheek.“I think I love you,” he whispered.But before she could answer her phone buzzed on the bedside table. She leaned over and read the text message on the screen. She smiled, and showed it to Andrew.“That sounded like fun lol,” it read, followed by five “thumbs-up” emojis.“That’s Calum from next door,” she smiled. “He loves to listen. And more. Let’s see if he wants to pop round, shall we?”She looked at Andrew, raising that eyebrow again.He nodded, not quite sure what he was agreeing to.Emily winked at him. “I knew you’d be up for it,” she giggled. Wiping a drip of cum off her chin just before it fell, she quickly tapped a message, and hit send.Andrew realised the evening wasn’t over yet. But he did rather wonder what he was letting himself in for.To find out what actually happened next, please read the sequel, "Moving Bisexually".   

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